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Welcome to Comer's Cove.  We have a small farm in Greenfield, Ohio and breed Fallow deer,  Texas Dall sheep, Black Hawaiian sheep and  some rare chicken breeds.  We are changing our site content daily, so please check back often. 

Beautiful and hardy, the hair sheep is ideal for the small flock owner or the large breeder. A small and efficient breed, more sheep can be maintained per acre. They are easily handled, rarely need veterinarian intervention, and show a greater resistance to foot-related problems and internal parasites. Ewes lamb easily and the lambs are up and nursing quickly. Carcasses are lean and flavorful with a minimum of waste from slaughter to table, while tanned hides and
horn buttons are additionally valued products from these sheep.

Check the for sale page to see what we are offering at this time. Not all animals are listed. So if you are looking for something and don't see it call me at 937-974-4463.