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Colossal Miller Pits
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Colossal Miller Pits

We believe that a respectable business starts with the CEO's

Colossal Miller Pits was establish in 2004 with 2 animal loving individuals and a vision.  CMP has now become an up and coming very respectable kennel.  We base our kennel on integrity and family and thats the bottom line bar none.  We are located in "Cajun Country" Louisiana where we are constantly focusing on improving our breeding program as well as our yard.  We are not in this business for the money nor are we a puppy mill; we only sell what we think meets our standards.  

    Furthermore, we hold the right to refuse sell to anyone we choose if you don't like it go somewhere else. CMP will not knowingly sell anything off our yard that could or will possibly violate the Animal Right Act of 1976.  Our dogs are like our kids and we refuse for any of our kids to be used or conspired in any type of illegal activity.

     In Closing we would like to thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy yourself, and we look forward to doing business with  many respectable people such as ourselves.

J & A Miller



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