Colleen Avelli, author

"The folds of time are thin and fragile...often the past, present and future meld into one."


"A book, a book, my kingdom for a book!"

 My childhood memories are filled with images of my parents reading- my Dad in his favorite green, velour, swivel chair; my Mom on the striped couch beside him.  We read in the house, outside on the front stoop, and as we walked to school.  It was not a favorite TV show I ran home to see, but rather, to the next chapter in a cherished story.  The greatest gift my parents gave to us was the love of reading.  Books fascinated me; I loved being able to submerge myself into another world and another time, and let my mind sail!

Now, it is I who am the writer ,and I hope that my books can bring readers to another place and another time; that I can take them on a journey they will cherish and wish to embark on, again and again!  I wish to follow in the footsteps of Frost, Shelly, and Byron, who took readers into nature itself; submerging them in the visions that were so real before their own eyes.  I hope that my novels will be ones that call you to sit outside under a tree, and feel its bark against your back; to feel the grass under your bare feet, to hear the leaves in the whistle of the wind, and to smell the sweet fragrance of the air itself. 

      For this is where you will find me when my journey is complete- I will be near the riverbed, where I can hear the sound of the gurgling current; where I can see the mossy bank and the distant white birch trees with their purple blooms. For I know I have been there before and will be again someday.  When I am called home, this is where I will go.........

    Blessings on your own journey; allow yourself to believe and remember.