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  30.05.20 - LATEST NEWS
The dates below are provisional, and subject to change, more details will be provided as we get them. Always check with the event before travelling.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, events are subject to cancellation. We will try and update Colin's diary as information becomes available.


5- 6 September COLLECTORMANIA, Birmingham, UK Website

18 - 20 September EDMONTON EXPO, Edmonton, Canada Website

9 - 11 October TIMELASH VI, Kassel, Germany Website

16 - 18 October DALLAS FAN DAYS, Dallas, USA Website

1 November THE GATHERING, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

The final story in the Big Finish audio Sixth Doctor / Flip / Constance trilogy is Robert Valentine's The Lovecraft Invasion due for release in June. In this release the trio meet the master of weird fiction, American author H.P. Lovecraft.

The Doctor, Constance and Flip join forces with 51st century bounty hunter, Calypso Jonze, to hunt down the Somnifax: a weaponised mind-parasite capable of turning its host's nightmares into physical reality. Chasing it through the time vortex to Providence, Rhode Island in 1937, they arrive too late to stop it from latching onto a local author of weird fiction... Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

With time running out before Lovecraft's monstrous pantheon breaks free and destroys the world, the Doctor must enter Lovecraft's mind to fight the psychic invader from within.

Can he and Flip overcome the eldritch horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos? And will Constance and Calypso survive babysitting the infamously xenophobic Old Gentleman of Providence himself?

Simply Media have ceased producing archive television releases on DVD and their current catalogue will remain available only whilst their licensing agreements with the BBC and other television companies last. This means that The Brothers (in which Colin starred from series 4 to 7 as the ruthless Paul Merroney) remains available at discount prices. Individual volumes of series 1 - 7 cost just 8.99 or less whilst the complete collection (over 72 hours of television) is a bargain 47.99.

Hop over to Simply HE to bag a bargain

A brand new audio adventure for the Sixth Doctor, Flip and Constance is out this month. Scorched Earth by Chris Chapman takes The Doctor back to the end of the Second World War.

July 1944. The TARDIS materialises in a small village near Rouen, where celebrations are in full swing. A joyful France is in the midst of liberation as the local population welcome a battalion of Allied soldiers – along with a colourfully dressed Doctor and his two rather excited friends.

But there are screams amidst the celebrations as an angry crowd dish out their brand of justice to one of their own that they have branded a traitor. While Constance and Flip find themselves on opposite sides of a war beyond a war, the Doctor has other concerns. The local community is used to the fires of battle, but a new type of blaze is burning – leaping from aircraft to aircraft, man to man – and this fire seems to be just as eager for revenge as the village mob.

The Sixth Doctor returns to Big Finish for a trilogy of adventures starting in April with The Cry of The Vultriss by Darren Jones. Sixie will be joined by his companions Flip Jackson (Lisa Greenwood) and Mrs. Constance Clarke (Miranda Raison). This story also sees the long awaited return of the Ice Warriors.

Violently ejected from the Space-Time Vortex, the TARDIS crash lands on the remote planet of Cygia-Rema, a mountainous world ruled by the bird-like Vultriss. Their newly crowned Queen Skye is expecting first contact with alien ambassadors – Ice Warriors - and the sudden arrival of the Doctor, Flip and Mrs Constance Clarke causes confusion.

However, Skye is no ordinary ruler, she is the Fabled One gifted with the deadly power of ‘The Cry’. The queen who will enable the Vultriss to fly once again – at any cost.

But as the Doctor investigates why the TARDIS crashed, he discovers that the Vultriss are hiding a deadly secret. An ancient legacy that if left unchecked will plunge half the galaxy into an eternal living end.