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Snooker Champion - The Ultimate Sports Replay Simulation


This site has been set up to market the excellent Snooker Champion Sports Replay Game which was designed and formerly available from Terry Goodchild at Lambourne Games. Terry is an established name in the Sports Replay Gaming community and the author of numerous sports replay games.

All of  Lambourne Games  products offer a realistic and immersive experience and Snooker Champion is no exception. The game has been upgraded by In-House Games and now comes in glorious colour, with all the Basic Game Charts, Short (Quick-play) Charts & Rules needed to be up an running in no time at all.

Just download the files, supply the dice and counters, and you're all set for a brilliant and realistic sports game experience. This really is an essential purchase for the snooker nut or sports gaming fan. It's available as a PDF download now