Storage And Transportation

Unfortunately Coffs Harbour's real estate for club houses comes at a huge price. As the layouts primary purpose was to have it available to be exhibited around the country, a method of transportation and storage for the layout was needed. After looking at both caravans and car trailers etc, the only way we could transport all modules and accessories without damage was to design and build a custom trailer and box for all items.

The entire trailer and box is made of aluminium to save weight. We incorporated angled runners, the full length of the trailer, on which the modules slide. Three modules are pushed length ways to the front on the lower runners. A further three modules are pushed in directly above onto the top runners. A further three modules are then pushed on the bottom runners behind the first three that were put in, and again three more above these. The final two modules fit crossways at the very back of the trailer, 14 modules total.

The remaining six yard modules slide in on runners down in the well of the trailer base between the wheels leaving enough room at one side for all the stands and braces. A large door, which also acts as a ramp, seals the trailer from the weather. All the sides and roof are flat aluminium sheeting riveted to the frame.

The trailer was completely built without fittling a module in it. Three days prior to the first public showing of the layout in Brisbane, the modules were loaded into the trailer without a problem and with only millimeters to spare!

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