Construction Stage 1

After careful planning, a single prototype Module was made to ensure selected materials, dimensions and design elements would work for the project.

25x25 & 25x50mm aluminium channel was welded to make up the 750x2400mm base. 12mm plywood risers and roadbed were tek-screwed to the cross braces.

A 100x3mm flat aluminium plate is welded across the top front edge to form the pelmet. 3mm MDF is then screwed to the back wall and ceiling frames to make up the backdrop.

Once all specifications were finalised, construction of all 14 frames commenced and each one matched to the next. A single jig was made to ensure each and every frame was made the same.

All stands for the layout are also aluminium. We have threaded adjusters with a steel foot that the modules sit on. These are levelled with a laser level prior to the modules being assembled. The first module is placed flat on the stand. The second module sits on the end two feet of the first stand spanning across to the second stand. The second module, sitting flat on the feet, can then be slid into place using the locating pins, then bolted together.

All frames are completed and assembled ready for risers roadbed.

Construction Stage 2