Champion Breeder of African Grey Parrots, Cockatiels and Rose Breasted Cockatoo

KAP Aviaries specializes in exceptionally sweet handfed exhibition/pet cockatiels, Congo African Grey parrots and Rose Breasted Cockatoos that not only enjoy, but seek human interaction. We are hobby breeders (limited clutches) and not bird mill breeders (mass production) or bird brokers (buy and sell babies as our own). 

Since we are hobby breeders we do not raise a large 'quantity' of birds as we breed for quality and give birds all the rest they need between clutches. Our specialized breeding program in which babies are selectively bred from Champions and Grand Champions is the foundation of our success. 

We run a closed Aviary and do not buy and re-sell babies as our own, all our babies are banded with our band and grow up as part of our family. Babies are hatched (by parents and not in an incubator), pulled for hand feeding at 2-3 weeks of age and raised in a family environment with daily interaction from all members of the family, this allows our young children to enjoy the joys and responsibilities of raising babies and pet ownership. 

Our 1500 sq ft indoor aviary is adorned with beautiful tropical plants and soothing gurgling fountains to maintain a healthy level of humidity. The aviary has it's on ventilation system that brings in fresh air 24 hours a day.  Our birds bask in a combination of full spectrum artificial light and natural sunlight to promote healthy hormonal functioning.  Closed circuit monitoring security systems allows us to keep tabs on the activity in the aviary and inside the nest boxes. It provides a unique opportunity to increase our knowledge base as we observe the breeding and parenting behaviors of our beloved Parrots and Cockatiels!

The birds are housed in large  flights to allow exercise and take part in flock behavior. Adults and babies are exposed to all the normal sights and sounds of a very busy, noisy household. Our birds are provided with lots of attention and have many toys to play with. Once fully-feathered, babies enjoy playtime with our family after each evening feeding and are often seen interacting with the other birds.

KAP Aviary babies are weaned to a diet of pellets,seed,fresh grains and veggies. They are also given sunflower seeds and millet spray as treats. In order to make the transition for the baby as smooth as possible we can wean to the food of your choice.

KAP Aviary is fortunate to be able to work with birds from some of the best breeders, Parrot Research Facilities and Zoos in North America. Our foundation stock has been hand selected from famous breeders across Canada the United States and parts of Europe. 

Please email with any questions