John's Jeep

The beginning

The Jeep bug first bit me when I was walking to jr. high school and I passed an old Jeep in a field that was covered in weeds.  I said to myself that I would some day get one.  It didn't happen until over 20 years later when my wife got her first Jeep Grand Cherokee.  I liked it a bunch, but I didn't really get hooked until she got her Wrangler 7 years later. I started playing with 4wd vehicles over 20 years ago.  I was never in any organized club until 2004.  That is when I joined Midatlantic Jeepers.  That was one of the best things that I have done with the Jeep. 

We went to her first Camp Jeep in 2000 and I had so much fun I had to get involved.  That winter, I finally got a Jeep of my very own.  We found a 1987 Wrangler YJ.  I was so excited that my childhood dream had finally come true.  Well the dream was short lived in a way.  I was driving my new found treasure home when the lights started to dim.  I made it to my street and it died.  We got a tow strap and towed it the rest of the way.  I couldn't believe it that I was so excited to find a Jeep that I could afford, that I had overlooked the obvious.  About a week later we were ready to roll.  The first place I went to was work.  They couldn't understand how I could be so excited about buying a 14 year old vehicle with 160K miles on it.  They didn't get it.

Improvements and repairs were in the future for the little Jeep.  With limited funds available, the improvements were slow to come.  The money went into repairs.  The Jeep will someday be finished.  Are Jeeps ever really finished?

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