Welcome to the "Coaster Center" of Nick Papavizas. I graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland in December 2013. Currently, I am pursuing an engineering career with the goal of one day joining the amusement industry.

This is a completely personal website and a reflection of my passion for roller coasters and amusement parks. The information you will find here pertains to me and my experiences. All of the content here is provided by me, and any exceptions will be noted and sufficiently referenced. Enjoy looking around!


Site Updates

[July 6, 2014]

I made some changes to the site's CSS to give it a more streamlined look and more contrast between the content and the background. This should make it easier on the eyes, too.

[May 26, 2014]

The Other Projects page is now active. My other projects include various technically-focused endeavors that I pursue in my free time. The first project added is my "hardcoded" JavaScript Statistics Calculator. Visit the page to test it and/or download the source code.

Additionally, two new track designs were added to the Roller Coaster Simulation page. Go there now to see screenshots and download the tracks.

[May 18, 2014]

Just been making some updates to the HTML and CSS to improve readability and navigation as well as make the code more semantic and easier to understand for any curious developers (and mostly myself). More updates to come!

[February 19, 2014]

Substantial reboot of the page is underway with a completely new look, reorganization, and addition of content. The following pages are still currently inactive:

  • Photo Galleries (under "Coaster Travel")
  • Other Projects (under "Models & Projects")

Check back later for more updates!