The Coal Region

Everything you want to know about back home in the Coal Regions of PA...stay connected, Coal Crackers, whereever you may be.

Home of the Coal Crackers

Located in northeastern Pennsylvania, the counties Schuylkill, Carbon, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Columbia, and Northumberland make up the area known as the Coal Region.  Those of us who are inhabitants are called Coal Crackers.

You can take a Coal Cracker out of the Coal Region but you can't take the Coal Region out of their heart.

This site is for all Coal Crackers  - whether you live here, used to live here or wish you could live here.  The Coal Region and web ring that is being built around it are a celebration of the nostalgia, memories, history, culture, lifestyle, heritage, music, art, literature and people of one of the most unique geographic areas in America. 

The Coal Region isn't just a place, it is a state of mind.

  • Do you know what bleenies, boilo, bunko, and blind pigeons are? 
  • Can you tell a colliery from a culm bank? 
  • Could you give a stranger directions to Ellengowen, The Rapp, Darkwater, and the back way home from Hazelton to Shenandoah?
  • Was your granddaddy a miner?
  • Do you know where the only statue of Whistler's Mother in the world sits? 
  • How about naming the town where it takes all night to get a hamburger, a week to order a pizza and two weeks to schedule an appointment with the local mechanic?
  • Have you been to a firehouse wedding? 
  • Did you ever swim in the Batty, party at the A-hole, or bask in the rays at Sandy Beach or Reichie's?
  • Do you know whose lad  "Our Lad" is?

If you can answer "you betcha" to three or more of those questions, you must be a Coal Cracker - or at least married to one.

In any case, welcome home to the Coal Region Web Ring.


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