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welcome to SGC-Omega
for all of you that are new or just wondering' what is SGC-Omega.
well simply put SGC-Omega is a lot of things we are of course fans of the stargate movie and tv show.
SGC-Omega was set up to function as the SGC seen in the show' we not only have our own SG-teams we also have our own support personal.
while  SGC-Omega was formed to have fun in and support the world of stargate.
we do try to keep a certain standard in our appearance.
 but'' we don't turn away other fans just because their SG-uniform are not 100% as there's always room for improvement.
at SGC-Omega we try to do many things from stargate RPG ' and a form of LARP' combined with airsoft'.
to meet up with other SG-groups and fan's at con's and event's.
our main goal is the same as that of SG-1 in the show to go to new places' learn new things and make some new friends along the way'.
just remember the gate is always open"
and can take us anywhere"

All About SGC-Omega This is The fictional operational back ground of SGC-Omega

The SGC handles all the day to day operations of the star-gate program from the Channa mountain complex.
not too long ago' Dew to the high secrecy of the star-gate program and the constant danger of the loss of the complex.
 from an enemy attack the Alpha site was formed to act as a back up in the worst case scenario.
since it has bin operational it has proved it's worth time and time again.
so the decision was made to construct a second site that could and would function not just as a back up site for the SGC as Alpha did'.
 but as a full base of operations that would not need any support from earth at all a true  counter part to the SGC in all things .
so after much time and a lot of work SGC-Omega was formed obviously as steadied above.
 SGC-Omega is not on earth" it is located off world on  PX - 2185728-J in the (Namara) solar system in the M66 galaxy .
M66 is one of the three galaxies, that forum the ( Leo Triplett ) it is located at a distance of  35 million light years from earth.
SGC-Omega is a long way from home and in the opposite direction of the Alpha site' this was done as a safeguard.
an over view of  PX - 2185728-J 
DISTANCE FROM SUN: 237,680,000 Km
ROTATION PERIOD: 26 hrs.47 minutes
ORBITAL PERIOD: 454.6 days
GRAVITY: 1.0 standard
MOONS: 3 Ariel' Triton' Aphrodite'
AGE: between 8.5 & 9 billion years.
SURFACE:  Surface Water is abundant covering 82% of the Surface of the planet.
ATMOSPHERE: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Trace elements.
LIFE - FORMS: Extensive Vegetation, abundant small animal life, no humanoid life.
The Maine SGC-Omega complex is constructed under ground with the facility. mirroring that of the SGC of earth in it's layout but is twice as big in size.
this is dew to the fact that SGC-Omega could be cut off from earth completely at any time.
for an underarmed period of time  if the gate room suffered a failure" or the gate was not operational for any un for seen reason. 
a secure one mile fenced off perimeter is surrounding the complex above ground.
with limited structures around the base at this time for general scientific study' of the planet .
an above ground barracks and commissary is capable of housing and severing 300 personnel at this time with no back up from the main complex below.
guard towers and Early warning systems line the perimeter as well .
one of the four air-strips for the contingent of F-302's housed in the north - east hanger is completed with the second well under way.
a small power station is located just opposite the two Vehicle hangers on the south end of the base.
at this time the Vehicle hangers in the south end are only housing a very few Vehicles.
 as the SGC-Omega complex was designed to be a green base' that is to use environmental friendly power' and fuel sources'.
 so at this time there are only six standard hummers on base' with the fuel for these
Vehicles being housed in a spacial pump house.
the pump house is located  between the two Vehicle hangers' it is designed so that the Vehicles can drive in and fill-up with no danger of spillage on the bare ground
a series of redundant drains and filters.
 would catch any spills and keep them contained  till they could be disposed of properly.
at this time the below ground SGC-Omega complex is finished and up and running'
and can support up to 1240 personnel if need be.
the standard complement of on duty personnel for the below ground complex is 480 at any given time.
when the above ground base is competed it will be capable of housing 600  personnel at one time .

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