Claude's Card Corner

A Site Dedicated to Further Expanding My Sportscard Collection


Welcome to my web site dedicated to my favorite hobby - sports card collecting . As the title implies , my name is Claude . I've been a card collector since 1982 , amassing an enormous collection of more roughly four million cards . While I collect a little bit of everything -  vintage , game-used , autographs , numbered cards , parallels , and rookies - my first loves are set-building and absolutely anything and everything featuring anyone with ties to my beloved University of South Carolina Gamecocks . I suffer from what mothers used to call "pack-rat syndrome" . These days we're called hoarders - and I think I'd be classified as level 4 . I like to keep EVERYTHING . In my collecting , I like to own AT LEAST one of every card for my set building plus extras : one for the player collection , one for the "stash" , assorted extra for "inventory" , and of course unlimited dupes for my Gamecock collections . While that's obviously impossible (due not only to financial limitations but moreso because of the ever increasing quantity of legitimate one-of-ones and other extremely low print run cards) , I still like to keep at least one of every card I possibly can . As such , it is no great exaggeration to say that I am currently working on literally thousands of different sets .  I hope to gradually build this site to include not only pictures of some of my favorite cards , but also many of my numerous wantlists and some of the duplicate material I have available for trade or sell .

 This first page features a brief introduction and an update section . On page two you will find my GENERAL interests . Page three features some of my current top priority player collection needs . For now this page includes primarily players whose checklist are not too lengthy . Page 4 contains the wantlists for some of my high priority parallel sets . For now there are only a handful of sets listed , but I have literally hundreds more that I hope to get added as I get them fully organized and down to a manageable-sized list of needs . Pages 5-7 are many of my specific wantlists for sets - several master set projects , a handful of base sets , and hundreds of insert sets - arranged by sport and year . I'll be gradually adding more and more sets as time permits . Page 8 currently features a list of 2006-08 Bowman , Bowman Chrome , Bowman Draft , and Bowman Chrome Draft cards I currently have available for trade or sale . These cards are not MINE , but are part of a jointly-owned lot which means I am somewhat limited to selling or trading for other items specifically for re-sale . The 9th and final page contains pictures of a few cards in my PC . I hope to add in many more in the near future .

Well , pull up a chair , make yourself at home , and have a look around . I do ask that you please continue to bear with me as the site is still under construction and will be a work in progress as my work schedule permits .

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