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About Us

CHC 2003-4 when 2 girls thought they were being tortured by forcing to play togethers. You know how moms are. One was American, the other german-american (germarican). Little did these 2 know they would be BFFs for life. Syd and Sar started CHC within the next few months and gave it a mascot- a little chick named Chciky. A few weeks later, they started a feeding shou called Chicken Feeding (recently changed to The cluck House) and it was going great. Then chicky died. They were very sad and searched for a new mascot. Rabbits. Chickens. Dogs. None seemed to fit. Then, on Syd's birthday, she received a truley unique pet. A female mallard duckling. They immediatly set her as the mascot and raised the little orphan. Dukea became strong, but she could never fly because her wing was disfunctional. Although, Dukea followed Syd and Sar everywhere, and then her foster mother,  hen named Elise, took over at night. Then, little more than 2 years later, Dukea was found dead outside the henhouse, neck ripped open by a weasle. The CHC is still ging strong, dukea's flag still flows, and S n S animal Rescue is booming.

Thank You, Dukea.