Spens Family History
Nathaniel's Paintings
Nathaniel Spens Paintings

There are 5 x 7 prints available through PayPal at a cost of $7 per print.  The money is used by the Spens Family Heritage Organization to locate and restore Nathaniel Spens paintings and gather family history. If you have  questions please email Louise at cllouise@juno.com.

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A Cavalier and the Poor Man

Battle of Trafalgar

Bolshevik Revolution

Canyon Retreat

Deacon's Experience

Elk in the Canyon

Embarkation from Scotland

Indian Sentinel

Jacques and Jenny Making Hay

Lake Hotel on Canvas

Lake Hotel on Wood

Launching the Lifeboat

Mary Campbell Spens Portrait

Mill Scene

Mountian Scene

Nathaniel Self Portrait #1

Nathaniel Self Portrait #2

Nathaniel Self Portrait #3

Ocean Scene

Playing Marbles

Sail Boats

Scene Up American Fork Canyon

Scottish Highlander Bids Mother Farewell

Stag at Bay

Sunset on Mountain Lake

The Blacksmith

The Bone Flute Player

The Card Player

The Challenge

The Fish Wives

The Kirk

The Prisoner

The Proposal

The Sick Cow

The Stone Bridge

Watering the Cows


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