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What is this all about?!

The purpose of this site is to provide a written and photographic diary of our annual Christmas display. We also hope the site will create and become an educational tool for ourselves and others as we learn to make each year's display larger than the previous year's. 

Even though Jerry and I have been decorating for Christmas practically all of our lives, 2005 was the first year we decided to document the process. We hope you enjoy what you see here and  hope that looking at it will be as fun for you as doing it and presenting it is for us.

Also, feel free to share favorite pics of your display with us. We will be glad to post them in the shared pics section. You can do this by emailing them to 

If you love the holidays as much as we do and would like to talk about it with other enthusiasts, I invite you to join us in the forums. You can create a free account simply clicking the forums link. We are a spam free site. However, we will send out a newsletter about four times a year and keep you informed of any required updates or changes via email.  Once a member you can chat with other members and learn how to fix and improve your display or provide hints for other members!

Thanks for visiting our site we hope you enjoy your visit! 

Justin W. Dudkiewicz and Jerry J. Davis

P.S. If you are looking for Justin's acting resume/bio, reel and photos, they have been removed from and placed here.

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