Clan Galbraith - A Renaissance Re-enactment Group

Clan Galbraith

Scottish Highland Mercenaries

“Education through Entertainment”


Greetings Lords and Ladies~


Clan Galbraith is an entertainment troupe that portrays 16th century (or earlier) Scottish Highland Mercenaries.  Our members come from all walks of life and backgrounds, but in each other have found a true family. We are hobbyists (based out of Northern California) who enjoy sharing a little history through our interactions and entertainment of the public at Celtic Festivals, Renaissance Faires and Scottish Games.

Our story:  life in the Highlands was never easy, especially in the Grampian Mountains.  Due to the constant conflicts in the region, many of our leaders were either killed or deported from Scotland's borders.  As a matter of survival as our numbers diminished, we became a mercenary band; even adopting other local "orphans" and outcasts, and arming our women.  All able bodied Galbraith must be ready to fight; for it truly was a matter of life or death.


Features of our Encampment include:

Archery: we have approximately 10 archers (longbow, both men & women) and give arrow fletching demonstrations (and shooting demonstrations if allowed).

Chain Maille: assembly demonstrations and photo ops: “So lad, how’s that 30lb maille shirt suit’ya?”

Weapons Rack: weapons history/use 101 (or if one prefers “bladed and bludgeoning weapons for dummies”)

Shave Horse wood working: staffs & bows

Exhibition Sword Fighting

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