Cirneco dell'Etna Club

Cirneco dell'Etna Club


The Cirneco dell'Etna Club

The Cirneco dell'Etna Club

The Club was formed in 2009 and in 2010 accepted for affiliation by the Kennel Club. The objects of the Club are to encourage and promote interest in the breed, and watch the breed's interests paying particular attention to the original function of the breed, the country of origin and its Breed Standard and to organise and support shows under the Kennel Club's Rules and Regulations.

Membership has grown steadily over these first five years and at the present time there are more than fifty members.

The committee is formed by six members all dedicated to protecting and furthering the breed in the UK. The three officers at the present time are the Chairman, Sally-Anne Thomas, a former BBC journalist who owns two UK bred Cirnechi, the Secretary, Jane Moore, an Animal Behaviour Consultant and Cirneco breeder in Italy for more than twenty years and in the UK since 2003, and the Treasurer, Diane Clark, an Agility judge and trainer, owner of seven Cirnechi and breeder of two litters in the UK.

Club activities

Discover Dogs:

Since 2002 a booth at Discover Dogs has been made available for the Cirneco twice a year. The booth was set up and manned by breed enthusiasts until 2010 when it was taken over by the Club.

It has proved to be invaluable tool for promoting the breed and at the Earls Court edition of Discover Dogs in 2012 the Club Booth was awarded the prize for runner up best booth out of the nearly 200 present.

As well as the appearance of the stand, one of the deciding reasons for the award was the enthusiasm with which Club members welcomed visitors and imparted information including handouts with breed information, stickers and rosettes for children

Annual General Meeting

Each year, following the Club AGM, fun activities are organized for dogs and owners and there’s an educational presentation involving the breed. We’ve had lectures on breed history, the standard, agility and principles of genetics. In 2014 the Club Secretary, behaviourist Jane Moore, held a workshop on desensitization to possible fearful stimuli at a Show. This was followed by training tips from two committee members, Diane Clark and Pat Lawler, who are agility trainers. A birthday cake (containing liver and dog-biscuits) was shared by all the dogs present to celebrate the 14th birthday of the first Cirneco imported into the UK.