Cinderella's Wedding Dresses.

Cinderella's Closet over the years has created wedding gowns, and bridesmaid dresses for many weddings. 

Below are some samples of some our favorites

The Frosting Dress

Dubbed the "Frosting Gown" by the delighted  bride, who upon seeing it decided that it looked like a delicious slice of frosted cake.  This beautiful, and one of a kind creation,  utilized a snow-white, heavy satin that was tucked and bustled with tiny jewels all over the skirt and train.  

To see pictures of this dress on the customer be sure to check out our Customer Scrapbook.

The Grace Kelly Gown


The "Grace Kelly" gown is called such as it was inspired by the costumes worn by Ms. Kelly in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, "To Catch a Thief".  Two gowns from this movie inspired this one;  the white chiffon dress and the golden masqurade costume.  From the two dresses, the bride (also named Grace) chose various features of each she loved and had them incorporated into her wedding dress.  From the white gown she took the floating chiffon and from the golden dress she took the magnifisent hooped look and the asymetrical upsweep in the front.  All of these details were combined in a snow white gown, with a heavy matte satin underskirt and bodice (a total of 14 yards).  A chiffon skirt of 50 yards, and 12 yards of hand beaded embroidered organza that was laid over the chiffon skirt, and swept up in the front to reveal the chiffon beneath it.


This is our version of the lovely wedding gown worn by Marie Antoinette in the 2006 movie "Marie Antoinette".  You can all see one of our customers in this gown for her themed wedding in our "Customer Scrapbook"



"Winter" is soft, white velvet reminiscent of powdery snow, and frosted with tiny silver beads and rhinestones.