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I have been a hobby angelfish breeder & cichlid keeper most of my life due to the vast species available such for example koi angelfish and different types of severum cichlids, I am a hobby fish breeder my main interest these days are my koi angelfish but I still love to keep all cichlids.My projects at the moment are my red shoulder Severum pair, & developing the redness on my koi angels

I also have a  Blue Firemouth breeding pair which I breed when possible, Not to forget my old favourite normal Firemouth cichlids which have beautiful red throats, my cichlids are for sale when I have only too many to keep myself and only go to good cichlids homes.

Cichlids are wonderful to keep and amazing when you see them breeding and their devotion to their young , but even a small Blue ram pair can take over a tank in the quest to raise their young fry.





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