Chubby Bunnies Rabbitry

A Chubby Bunny is a Happy Bunny

Chubby Bunnies Rabbitry is owned and operated by Michelle and Sharon Bauer in Southern New Jersey. We raise quality Mini Rex in castor, broken castor, opal, and broken opal and often have stock for sale. If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us at



November 12, 2012

Updated Upcoming Shows Page & For Sale Page.

Will be updating For Sale Page or creating new one in near future.

I still have a few select castor bucks & does for sale.

Please email for me for pictures & prices for those available.


Congrats to Megan Lawler and Chubby Bunnies Penelope for winning BEST 4 CLASS Youth at the 2011 PaSRBA Convention!!! Megan is a member of my old 4-H club, the Camden County Yearlings, and I have been giving her mini rex to get her program started. She only showed the one day and only brought 1 mini rex, what an accomplishment!

Congrats to Chubby Bunnies Sharon for winning BOB and Rick & Jackie Cessna for winning BOS at Baltimore & Howard RCBA under judge Ruth Ann Bell on 11/20/10!

Congrats to Chubby Bunnies Sharon for winning BOB and Barbara & Grace Gesswein for winning BOS at Richmond, VA Show A under judge Joseph Colucci on 12/5/10!