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Veteran War Mascot, Cinnamon's Amazing Rescue Spreads Hope to All


Operation Baghdad Pups
No Buddy Gets Left Behind
Cinnamon's story inspired SPCA International to launch the program to help bring US soldiers' dogs home from Iraq.
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Comments from US Reservist Mark Feffer and why we support Operation Baghdad Pups

ďSPCA Internationalís Operation Baghdad Pups doesnít only help the animals they rescue, the program also helps the men and women who have bonded with these animals, so they donít have to endure the loss of a faithful companion on top of everything else that they are dealing with as they conclude their deployments. To come out of the war zone and break a strong human-animal bond at the same time is incredibly difficult to deal with. I know. I lived it. Just read the book "44 Days out of Kandahar" to understand why this program is so important. I was devastated when I lost Cinnamon as I left Afghanistan. No one should have to go through that. With SPCA Internationalís Operation Baghdad Pups behind them, they wonít have to.Ē


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