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Coverage of Cinnamon, "SAVING CINNAMON,"

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American Veterans Magazine, Winter 2009

Paw Nation, December 2009

KNEWS Palm Springs, CA
KNews Conversations

WAMU - Washington DC Public Radio
Nov 7, 2009

The Animal House

Seven Days
Nov 4, 2009
Lucky Dog
, Read the entire article.

Fox News DC
Nov 3, 2009

News Channel 8, Lets Talk Live, Nov 3, 2009


North Country Gazette, Nov 3, 2009
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Fox News with Shannon Bream, Nov 1, 2009
This interview aired on Good Morning Yahoo on Nov 3, 2009!

Animal Tails with Randy Grim, Oct 25, 2009

Family Pet Time, Oct 24, 2009
Hudson Valley Talk Radio

Publishers Weekly Online, Oct 19, 2009

The heartwarming story of a soldier and his dog, Sullivan’s narrative draws readers in with her depiction of Cinnamon, whose perseverance and good nature are palpable on each page.
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The Transcript

Times Argus, Oct 18, 2009
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Chesapeake Life Magazine September/October 2009

Fido Friendly March/April 2009

Woman's World Magazine December 12, 2008
44 Days of Heartbreak - "See you soon girl," Mark whispered. But when the flight the pup was supposed to be on landed, she wasn't on it. I don't know what to do, a distraught Mark emailed his sister Christine.

Yankee Dog Magazine, Fall 2008 Issue
"44 Days" was written from the heart. I dare you to read it all the way through with dry eyes.

HSUS Animal Sheltering Magazine
September/October 2008
When All is Lost But Faith
By Alexandra Kleinkopf
When a puppy named Cinnamon went MIA en route to the U.S. from Afghanistan, Christine Sullivan ran to the bathroom and retched. The harrowing events of the following seven weeks are documented in her debut work, 44 Days Out of Kandahar: The Amazing Journey of a Missing Military Puppy and the Desperate Search to Find Her. Read the entire article.

Bay Weekly, August 21, 2008
Cinnamon's Tale: A Journey of 7000 Miles
The arid landscape of Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province is a far cry from the lush banks of the Magothy River. American soldiers sent to this foreign land find few reminders of home and family — and little affection. The locals offer tentative smiles. But the smiles of strangers fail to fill homesick hearts. In such a place, a dog can work miracles.

City Dog Magazine
, Summer 2008 Issue
Seattle Times Pet Editor, Ranny Green offers his favorable review of "44 Days Out of Kandahar." In Ranny's words, "Sullivan's exhilirating documentary kicks into overdrive with a heady mixture of sould, technique and resourcing that maneuver around more cures and face more challenges than a James Bond movie." Read the full review.
Dog Fancy Magazine, September 2008

Heartwarming article on how Cinnamon overcame adversity to become a well-adjusted family pet.

ZooToo Pet Pulse
Alice Feffer knew her husband, Mark, had a guardian angel when the former Navy Reservist sent a photo of a puppy he had befriended while on duty in Kyrgyzstan. The puppy, named Cinnamon, reminded her of the family’s recently deceased pet, Jackson."As soon as I saw her eyes I felt Jackson's spirit coming out of her eyes and getting a message to me that she was going take care of Mark during the war,” said Feffer.

Dog's Life Magazine
Dogs of War: Soldiers find companionship and comfort with canine friends
by Kyra Kirkwood

Summer 2008 Issue

Friendships formed by soldiers in war zones are often lifelong and titanium strong. Soldier/canine friendships built in times of war are no different. Dogs can give soldiers a bit of home in a far-off land or a moment of love during a ruthless mission - and the abandoned or feral dog finds solace in the comfort of caring people. Read the rest of the story.

Vermont 107.9 FM

April 29, 2008
The news from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is so often difficult to hear, it is with more than a little relief that Christine Sullivan can bring us the story of Cinnamon.  Listen to the interview.

Late Night Saturday
WCAX TV Channel 3 (CBS Affiliate)
April 12, 2008
Christine appeared on Late Night Saturday with Tim Kavanagh to discuss "44 Days Out of Kandahar" and how she is helping other troops and animals in need through appearances and donations from book sales.

Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Public Radio
WYPR 88.1 FM

April 9, 2008
Mark and Christine discussed "44 Days Out of Kandahar" and their work with Operation Baghdad Pups ( with show host Dan Rodricks along with Vietnam Veteran, Don Jestes who was a scout dog handler with the 101st Airborne during 1968 and 1969.

The Reston Connection
From Kandahar to Reston
Celebrity Dog to Visit Armstrong Elementary
April 2, 2008
By Mizra Kurspahic
When Mark Feffer first stepped on base in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in January 2006, he found the camp’s dog to be rather playful. Cinnamon, as he would come to call her, was so close to Feffer that he decided to adopt the dog and take her from the hostile environment in Afghanistan to a more comfortable life in the United States.

The Ron and Don Show
News/Talk 710 KIRO, Seattle, WA

Puppies in Baghdad
March 28, 2008
Mark talked with Ron and Don about finding Cinnamon on base in Afghanistan, falling in love with her and then losing her in transport for 44 days.
Listen to the Show
Mark's interview is from March 28 and is about 1/2 through the 4:00-5:00 PM hour.

Michael Savage - Savage Nation
Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio
March 28, 2008

Mark was interviewed on Savage Nation for a 15-minute segment to discuss servicemembers having unit mascots and the cultural differences that exist with regard to having dogs as pets.
To listen to the show go to Talk Radio Network. (requires premium access)

Fox News

Interview with Jane Skinner
March 28, 2008
Mark and Cinnamon appeared on Fox News and Mark discussed with Jane his experience bringing Cinnamon home and how comforting it was having her in the war zone with him.  Mark expressed his appreciation for Operation Baghdad Pups and what they are doing to help bring home unit
mascots for the men and women who adopt them. Mark let Jane and viewers know that by buying "44 Days Out of Kandahar", people are supporting the troops, their mascots and Operation Baghdad Pups. Watch here

American Morning Interview with Kiran Chetry
March 28, 2008
Mark and Cinnamon appeared on CNN and Mark discussed with Kiran the importance of the bond tha servicemembers have with their companion animals in the war zone. Mark shared his experience along with how important Operation Baghdad Pups is in helping bring unit mascots home for the men and women who adopt them and informed Kiran and viewers about how we are donating a portion of proceeds of 44 Days Out of Kandahar to Operation Baghdad Pups.

USA Today

Rescued from War: Tales of Puppy Love
March 25, 2008
Cinnamon is a mixed-breed dog whose gaze, those who love her say, redefines the term puppy-dog eyes.
Navy officer Mark Feffer of Annapolis, Md., fell in love with Cinnamon during his first few days in Afghanistan.
When Feffer's tour ended, he couldn't bear to leave Cinnamon behind.The mission to bring the animal stateside.....Read More

The Burlington Free Press
War's 4-Legged Victims
March 25, 2008
Burlington Free Press staff writer, Adam Silverman, profiled Christine's efforts to save Cinnamon, highlighted Cinnamon's journey home and how the frantic search for her has inspired the program Operation Baghdad Pups. Read the full article .

The Washington Post
Making a Home for Charlie, Away From Baghdad's Slums
February 15, 2008
Washington Post staff writer, Karin Brulliard, covered Charlie’s homecoming which included being welcomed by Cinnamon and Mark. In her account of Charlie’s first moments on the ground in the U.S., she describes the first “Baghdad Pup” as seeming “to be smiling for the crowd.”  Read the full article and check out the photo gallery “An Iraqi Dog Has His Day” which features pictures of Cinnamon and Mark at Charlie’s arrival at Dulles International Airport and his first steps on American soil in Washington, D.C. Washington Post Article

Fox 5 News, Washington, DC
Stray Dog Adopted By Soldier Brought to U.S.
February 14, 2008
Fox 5 News, serving the television viewers of the Washington, D.C. region, featured 44 Days Out of Kandahar along with Mark and Cinnamon welcoming home Charlie, the first unit mascot brought to the US by Operation Baghdad Pups.  Learn Cinnamonn's story in the video and see how she helped welcome Charlie home. Reporter Stacey Cohan covered Charlie’s arrival at Dulles International Airport for the local Fox affiliate.
Fox 5 News

NBC4 News, Washington, DC
SPCA Brings Stray Dogs, Cats Adopted By Soldiers To U.S.
February 14, 2008
NBC4, serving the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, covered Charlie’s homecoming and SPCA International's Operation Baghdad Pups program on the 5 P.M. newscast. Included in the story and video are mention of Cinnamon's 'odyssey'.

ABC-7 News, Washington, DC
Operation Baghdad Pups
February 14, 2008
ABC-7 News, covering the Washington, D.C. area, reported on Charlie’s Valentine’s Day touchdown on American soil and that he was greeted by Cinnamon and Mark. Reporting from Dulles International Airport and the ABC newsroom, Natasha Barrett, featured the story of Operation Baghdad Pups success in bringing Charlie out of Iraq during the 5 P.M. news broadcast. 

CBS-9 News, Washington, DC
A Dog Named Charlie Comes Home To America
February 14, 2008
9 News Now, the 5 P.M. newscast reaching the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, covered Charlie’s homecoming, the story of Operation Baghdad Pups on Valentines Day, Cinnamon's harrowing trip and the International search for her. Journalist Phyllis Armstrong reported from Dulles International Airport.

Seven Days
January 16, 2008
Book follows "Military Puppy" Home from the War Zone.
Read the Seven Days article here.

Boca Raton News
December 23, 2007
Boca soldier plays pivotal role in rescuing dog from the war zone.

Palm Beach Post
December 20, 2007
A summary of 44 Days Out of Kandahar was provided and the book was recommended as a holiday gift idea for pet lovers.

The Capital
July 27, 2006
"War Mascot Finds Safe Haven: Dog makes way from mine fields of Afghanistan to squirrel hunting grounds". An account of Cinnamon's incredible 44-day journey home was reported. Read the Article.