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Meet Cinnamon Ė a very lucky stray puppy who traveled half way around the globe from Kandahar to Maryland to be reunited with a U.S. soldier

When Navy Reservist Mark Feffer is deployed to Afghanistan, his family is devastated and worries for his safety. Temporary relief comes as they take an active part in his daily routine through e-mails, phone calls, and a Webcam, which allows Mark to introduce them to the base mascot, a scrawny, motherless puppy the servicemen call Cinnamon. Cinnamon is irresistible, provides endless entertainment for the troops and is completely oblivious to the war going on around her and the dangers that it brings.

Unwittingly, Mark falls in love with Cinnamon, and so does his wife, Alice, who urges him to bring Cinnamon home at the end of his tour. As Mark's bond with Cinnamon strengthens, he investigates the possibility of adopting her, and finally makes plans to have her transported to his home in the U.S. Mark arranges for Cinnamon's vaccinations, her health and travel papers, and her transportation to the U.S. with an experienced dog handler.

Back in Maryland, the excitement is mounting Ė Cinnamon is on her way home. She is due to arrive Stateside shortly, but when Cinnamon's flight lands at O'Hare International airport she's nowhere to be found.  The dog was left seven thousand miles away at a foreign airport. With almost no information of Cinnamon's whereabouts, Mark and Alice lose hope of ever seeing their new puppy again, let alone finding out if she is injured, alone or even still alive.

Enter Christine Sullivan, Markís sister, a devoted dog lover who has a heart for rescuing animals following her time spent in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Christine wonít accept the horrifying news of Cinnamonís disappearance and starts an international rescue mission that spans seven thousand miles and lasts an incredible 44 days  -- until obstinance and determination converge to change Cinnamon's fate forever.

Saving Cinnamon is an inspiring and true adventure story of love, loss, hope, and triumph, of an international band of heroes who collaborate for a common cause, and of lives transformed by extraordinary events and the powerful bond of love for animals.

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What Happened to Cinnamon?

Purchase your copy of Saving Cinnamon: The Amazing True Story of a Missing Military Puppy and the Desperate Mission to Bring Her Home to find out.

As the story unfolds, you'll relive the amazing true story of a nearly impossible international search and rescue of Cinnamon, from her lonely start when her mother disappeared, to her endearing puppy antics entertaining the troops, to the extraordinary events that strung together and changed her life and the lives of all those who cared for her forever.

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At the heart of Cinnamon's story is the fact that love is the most powerful energy on the planet. SAVING CINNAMON is a wonderful tale of compassion and perseverance. This book reminds us of how many good people there are throughout the world and proves that animalís lives bring meaning to our own and make life worth living.  I hope more people will be inspired to save a stray or a shelter dog after reading this book.
~Randy Grim
Founder of Stray Rescue; author of Miracle Dog and Donít Dump the Dog

SAVING CINNAMON is an amazing story that will warm your heart and keep you turning the pages. Christine Sullivan's story is a testament to the power of believing in what you want despite all that seems stacked against you. Beautifully written and suspenseful till the very end. A recommended read for all.
~Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

SAVING CINNAMON is a harrowing yet endearing adventure that you'll read in one sitting. 
~ Melinda Roth, co-author of From Baghdad With Love

Cinnamon was a great pet for us. She was comforting to me because she would remind me of my girls back home and to know that Cinnamon has taught them that sometimes we have to sacrifice a little of our happiness to help others.
~ Major David Schlosser
US Air Force
(previously stationed on the Base where Cinnamon lived after she was found)

Christine Sullivan tells a gripping and tear jerking story about one military family's efforts in locating Cinnamon thousands of miles away. She takes you through the emotional roller coaster that Mark and his wife, Alice, ride as they search far and wide for an animal they've come to love and who embodies the spirit of a previous family pet who died quickly and unexpectedly. SAVING CINNAMON is an expertly written tale of love, inspiration, dedication, and perseverance.
~ CJ Grisham
1SG US Army

Cinnamon's story highlights the passions and determination of the many people who work to help animals find their way to the lives they deserve. Chris Sullivan's book carries the hope that through these individual acts of kindness, we may all know a more compassionate world.
~Carol J. Scafuro
President, Animal Media Foundation

Cinnamon's story tugged at my heart from the beginning. Christine Sullivan, Mark Feffer and all the others who cared for and helped rescue Cinnamon give hope to animals awaiting someone to change their lives. This story shows how anyone can make a difference with the desire and willpower to do it. Readers will love this heartwarming journey.
~Charlene Ruttle
Animal Services/Community Peace Officer
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Christine Sullivanís extraordinary account of Cinnamon's journey magically captures the emotion of one soldierís love and his devotion in finding his abandoned dog. Cinnamon's story is proof that in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the power of unwavering faith and perseverance can ultimately lead to a happy and heart warming ending. This is puppy love at its finest!
~Alissa Silva, Purrr-veyor
Trends for Friends

I just read the last page and I am over joyed with the story. I have this incredible urge to get on a plane and go meet Cinnamon. I will make sure that happens in the near future.

~Terri Crisp
SPCA International

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