Christchurch Celtic Supporters Club. Est 2007.

  NEXT GAME AT  "The Craic" 
      Celtic (3) v Inter Milan (3)
 6PM Kick off on Friday 27/Feb

        Europa League 2nd Leg 


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Reply ozcelt
11:29 PM on October 8, 2013 
Celtic Soccer Crew says...
Is this club still going? I have moved here from the Leicester CSC and need somewhere to watch the games!

I dont know if anyone has replied to you, but just in case they haven't, yes the club is still going. We watch the game at The Craic bar on Riccarton Road usually on a Sunday ay 1pm if the game is played on a Saturday.back home.
Reply Celtic Soccer Crew
11:40 PM on October 1, 2013 
Is this club still going? I have moved here from the Leicester CSC and need somewhere to watch the games!
Reply Alec
4:29 PM on July 9, 2012 
Hail Hail

New season about to kick off without the manky mob polutting the air we breath Should be a canter and I hope it is but you can bet your bottom dollar the diddy teams will be out to get us, and I suspect it will not be a easy as most think, anyway lets enjoy it until the cheats get back in there in some shape or form, as they surely will at some stage, what is for sure, is they will never be the same again.
this should be the start of a long and successful Celtic period, huns or no huns.
The future is bright
the future is green and white

Hail Hail
anf God bless the Glasgow Celtic
Reply Tony
4:00 AM on July 9, 2012 
Hail!Hail! Bhoys & Ghirls
I'd just like to say a big thanks to all who turned up to" oor place" a few weeks ago for a good old piss-up and a wee natter aboot Glasgow's Green 'n' White and the doom n gloom of those" cheating b'stards no more"
A great night was had by all who attended and to those of you who didn't you missed a gr8 night.
Tony BHOY!
Reply superswede
4:24 AM on February 15, 2012 
Nice to see our home page updated,, Champions 2012!!!
The mankie mob are in disarray, and still the daily ranker still cant bring itself to print a cracked crest!!!

This week just keeps getting better and better!! Word has it today that Celtic will ask SFA/SPL to void all the huns titles and cup wins over the period that they cheated!!

I think that means that they will need to remove wan of they silly wee stars and we would be going for 12 in a row!!!!

Enjoy! JCGE!!
Reply ozcelt
12:07 AM on January 3, 2012 
Hi One and All
Can't believe we have had no comments on this site since July 2011 !!
Surely we can do better than this ?.
The numbers attending the showing of the games at The Craic also seem to be dwindling ??.
C'mon guys, lets start to make a contribution there are thousands of Celtic Supporters Clubs all over the world,let's try and make this one a bit more prominent !.
I accept there are a good many "Fair Weather Supporters" but hey, we are on a roll now. We've reeled "them" in, lets see if we can up the anti over the next 5 or 6 months get your Celtic gear on and head down to The Craic and cheer the bhoys on, or at least give your opinion on here!. W'ed love to hear from you.
Quite good turnout for the Rangers game but disappointing for Vs Dunfermline.
Holidays accepted,but, ccccccc'mon guys are we Celtic Supporters or just now and again ?? !!!
"Hoopy" New Year to one and all wherever you are, lets make it a year to remember at The Craic, and Christchurch Celtic Supporters Club.
Hail Hail.
Reply Alec
5:27 AM on July 31, 2011 
Hail hail

nice to see a few new members signing up
Reply jackmac
5:21 AM on June 8, 2011 
Just wanted to know if anyone knows where I can buy a green saltire flag ,tried google search with not much luck ,any help would be good.

Reply He who believes
4:52 PM on April 28, 2011 
Delighted to see UEFA has fined rangers fc and banned the hun hordes once again,at least for a away game with the threat of closing the spam factory down at least for a home game if they don't clean up their act, so if you can get a punt at the bookies on that happening then put your life savings on it and make a few bob.
LOL of course that prick Bain the rangers spin doctor,says that there is a secret agenda to get rangers fc by unknown persons, of course , (Guffaw)
It just gets better every day and call me old fashioned if you will, but any problems for the manky ones helps the Celtic cause in helping us to push on to be the undisputed top club in Scotland.
as the song goes "we are rangers, no one likes us, we dont care"
BUt it seems they do care, judging by the squealing coming from the spam factor.
funny though that rangers have been found guilty by the European authorities on a number of occasions and never by the Scottish Football Association.
Oh Happy Days
Reply ozcelt
4:39 AM on April 28, 2011 
Ah Mean apart from you !!!!!!!!!!!