Grove City Area Christian Home Educators


We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is without error.

We believe that there is only one true God and that God has existed from all eternity in three persons:  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ is Godís Divine Son come to earth, being both fully God and fully man, except without sin.

We believe that salvation is a free gift, purchased through the blood by  Christís substitutionary death on the cross, to all who receive Him as their  personal Lord and Savior.


ARTICLE 1-Name:      The name of the organization shall be Grove City Area Christian Home Educators.

ARTICLE 2-Voting:       

SECTION 1: Voting shall be done done only at regularly scheduled meeting in which a  majority of the members are present. Constitutional changes will be proposed in writing and distributed to each member before the meeting at which these changes will be voted upon.

SECTION 2: The term "member" refers to one parent who represents his/her homeschool family; each family will have only one representative.

ARTICLE 3-Purpose:          

SECTION 1: The homeschool support group shall meet a minimum of once a month from September-May, with optional meetings in June, July, and August. Various field trips, educational opportunities, and family activities shall also be provided.  

SECTION 2: The group shall serve as a support to area homeschooling families and shall provide educational, social, and spiritual opportunities for these families in an environment that glorifies and honors the Lord Jesus Christ. 

ARTICLE 4-Offices:  

SECTION 1:  The leadership offices of the group shall be Leader, Co-Leader, and Yearbook Coordinator. The term of office shall be for one year beginning in June, following the end-of-the-year program.

SECTION 2:  The Leader shall preside at all group meetings and shall have general supervision of the work of the organization, serve as the contact person for this group in  Pennsylvania, and also serve as events coordinator.

SECTION 3:  The Co-Leader shall serve as Leader of the group should the Leader resign and vacate his/her position.  The Co-Leader may:  serve as secretary,  by keeping minutes of the meetings, keeping an annual record of the groupís field trips and activities, activities at monthly meetings, and group family outings, and keeping a current membership list; and serve as treasurer by keeping and recording any donations given to the group and expenditures made on behalf of the group--or delegate these responsibilities.

SECTION 4:  Nominations from members for the office of Leader will be taken at the March meeting.  The nominated Leader will  choose a member to serve as Co-Leader with them, and these teams will be voted upon at the April meeting with a  two-thirds majority of the members present.  The position of Yearbook Coordinator will be filled by soliciting a volunteer from the group members once the offices of Leader and Co-Leader are filled. Officers shall be members in  good standing with the group for no less than one year.  Officers may serve more than one term concurrently.

ARTICLE 5-Group Activities:

SECTION 1: Group activities shall be of a nature consistent with the Christian guidelines as set forth in Our Statement of Beliefs.

SECTION 2: All guests to be invited should be cleared with the Leader.

SECTION 3: Conduct at all activities should be such that it glorifies the Lord Jesus  Christ.

ARTICLE 6- Membership Requirement:

SECTION 1: Each family is currently homeschooling or is anticipating doing so and is complying with the Pennsylvania homeschool law.

SECTION 2: Donations may be collected from each family on a per-needed basis. Any funds remaining at the end of the year will be used to buy supplies and/or food for the year-end picnic.

SECTION 3: Each family regularly worships at a church whose beliefs are in line with Our Statement of Beliefs.

SECTION 4: Each family will participate in the work of the group as outlined by the Leader each year.

ARTICLE 7- Code of Conduct :

SECTION 1:  Special care and respect must be shown the building in which we hold our  meetings.  Parents need to watch their children at all times and everything  needs to be left exactly as it was when the group first entered the building.

SECTION 2:  Children and parents need to fully participate in group activities. Parents are asked to supervise their own children at all times. Everyone needs to be quiet and respectful during group lesson times, using the restroom and drinking fountains beforehand.

SECTION 3:  During field trips parents need to be in full control of their children at all times, holding the  hands of those that are particularly active.  Give full attention to the presentations, follow directions, be respectful, and dress appropriately.
SECTION 4:  Attire should be modest and respectful, as becomes a follower of Christ. If anyone has an issue with someone's attire it must be brought to the attention of the Leader, who will deal with the situation as he/she sees fit. 

SECTION 5:  If a family signed up for an event and then is unable to attend, notification will be given to the host/hostess of the event in a timely manner.