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What the amazingly talented Lawrence Dagstine wrote about Chilling Tales, on his blog- He put it so much better than we ever could-so we borrowed it! (I strong suggest that you check out his blog.)


Glutonlumps Chilling Tales, Issue #1.. (appearances)

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a new appearance (and a plug!).  What better way to give that plug than to tell you that not only is this new magazine put together by the very talented P.S. Gifford (, and that garden gnome horror writer Henrick Glutonlumps, but that it features over twelve great tales of dark fiction by some of today’s HOTTEST writers; and a few veterans, too. 

Glutonlumps Chilling Tales Magazine #1


(Now Available)


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Featuring new fiction by: Ron Savage, Eric Enck, Philip Roberts, Ken Goldman, Lawrence Dagstine, George McBride, Tala Bar, Paul Mannering, Tricia Helper, Jennifer Gifford, and Richard Pitaniello.  Plus, a surprise bonus by P.S. Gifford himself. 

Oh, Glutonlump’s Chilling Tales will have distribution, too.  So far Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the U.S. will carry it.  In the future, there might even be Spanish & Japanese versions of it.  You’ll be able to get it at select Waldenbooks, comic book shops such as Rick’s Comic City (, and DARK DELICACIES (L.A.’s Number One Horror Specialty Bookstore). 

Dark Delicacies ordering info:

Glutonlumps’ Chilling Tales Magazine is published two-three times per year, and will soon be available through more horror retailers than you could imagine


For further information or to purchase!

In the States please contact Del at  (for purchasing) or Henrick at ( for more information).

In the U.K. please contact

and in New Zealand through





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