So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


Tournament Number 2!

My second is history. Like the first there will be 8 competitors. However, unlike the first, the fighters did not have to be ones that were on my website. The fighters were based on nominations. The 8 fighters with the most nominations are in the tournament. Nominations, and all fights in this tournament  are CLOSED!

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The fighters stand thus:

Spider-Man (4)

Batman (3)                                                                                                                           
Simba (2)
Hulk (2)
He-Man (2)
Storm (2)
Iceman (2)
Optimus Prime (2)

                       \__ Spider-Man___
                       /                          \
Spider-Man-------                            \
                                                     \__Spider-Man ____
                                                     /                            \
He-Man------------                            /                               \
                       \_____Hulk______/                                 \
                       /                                                             \
Hulk----------------                                                                \
Simba-------------                                                                /
                      \____Simba_______                                  /
                      /                            \                                /
Batman-----------                              \                              /
                                                     \____Simba ______/
Optimus Prime                              /
                      \____Storm ______/


The first fight was Spider-Man vs. Iceman

The Second fight was Hulk vs. He-Man

The Third fight was Simba vs. Batman

The Fourth fight was Optimus Prime vs. Storm

The Fifth fight was Spider-Man vs. Hulk

The Sixth fight was Simba vs. Storm

The Final fight was Simba vs. Spider-Man

Tournament II Set Up


Green Arrow: Ladies and Gentleman. Hello, and Welcome to the second Red Dragon Arena tournament.

Hawkeye: That’s right Green Arrow, millions of spectators have come to watch these heroes come and duke it out for a pitiful prize.

Green Arrow: Yes, this time the prize will be a all expenses paid trip for a 1 week safari in the Sunderban.

Hawkeye: Isn’t that that area in India where those tigers----

Green Arrow: No…anyway. The Red Dragon Arena has had a few touch ups since our last tournament, the maximum capacity has tripled.

Hawkeye: This is due to the extensions made to the seating…we decided to go up.

Green Arrow: Yes, we now have about 300 rows of seating. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there is more seating, more and more people were able to get tickets.

Hawkeye: A change from last time, there will be no booths owned and managed by the people who could not get in other wise, but instead corporations have taken over the booth area of the Red Dragon Arena.

Green Arrow: Everything from Arby’s to Zumo -- from Ireland -- has come to take advantage of the 3 million people all hear ready to watch, and potentially eat.

Hawkeye: You are probably wondering how the Owner of the Red Dragon Arena could make so much money is just a few months, well it is quite simple.

Green Arrow: Yes, sometime in the last few months Dr. Doom rented the arena for his own personal uses, we didn’t ask questions.

Hawkeye: Dr. Doom being the King of Latveria, and having massive amounts of money at his disposal, the Owner of the Red Dragon Arena overcharged Doom.

Green Arrow: In the time between Doom renting the Red Dragon Arena, and now, Quicksilver, and the Flash have been working tirelessly to put the rest of the seats up.

Hawkeye: The seats are once again courtesy of Dumbledore… Well since we have some time to kill before the first fight, I think now would be a good time to introduce our crew members.

Green Arrow: Well, first lets introduce our team, I am Green Arrow.

Hawkeye: I am Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: In the stands we have Legolas, we will be cutting to him every so often for our surprise entertainment over the next few breaks.

Hawkeye: On the ground, as our referee, again we have the very beautiful Saphira.

Green Arrow: I wouldn’t talk like that if I were you, you know what happened to Mushu.

Hawkeye: I was just given the lady a compliment… anyway, our camera men holding there Sony camera’s that broadcast to our 100 meter Sony plasma TV’s on ether end of the stadium are Magneto and Daredevil.

Green Arrow: Why would we have a blind guy as a camera man?

Hawkeye: He didn’t want to come here to watch because obviously he is blind, he couldn’t work at the concessions because there is none, and he wanted to come because Elektra did.

Green Arrow: Then I guess it’s up to Magneto to make sure we get sufficient camera angles.

Hawkeye: I’m sure Daredevil will do fine. Any way, on our clean up crew we have the Smurfs, oh you may laugh, but their working together and their surprising massive strength make them the best men for the job.

Green Arrow: Finally, our security team. Fortunately due to the excessive number of seats this tournament, we lowered our number of security members. We would have gotten rid of them completely but we had an incident this morning.

Hawkeye: Yes, as the last people in line were getting their tickets, we were running out. Only four people were in line, and we had two tickets, but we did not tell the people in line that.

Green Arrow: First in line was Ookla the Mok who bought his ticket and went on his way. Second in line was The bald man hawked up on red bull and pixie sticks, you all remember him. When he went to get his ticket, the third person in line --Tigra-- asked if she could cut in line because he had to meet with Spider-Woman. The Bald Man, who while being the biggest fan of Saphira, is also a big fan of Tigra and he did not resist the opportunity to be nice and let her pass.

Hawkeye: This was a nice thing to do, but unfortunately she got the last ticket, and the Bald Man was asked to go home. After he refused, our vendor Catwoman threatened to sick the security team on him. Martian Manhunter was last in line, and his excuse for not coming sooner was, and I quote “Blast my vial watch, still set for Martian time”.

Green Arrow: Ok, back to the matter at hand; our security team. Again Chuck No---I mean Walker Texas Ranger is still the commander. A wizard known as Mallow has taken the post of second in command, and lastly The Road Rovers have decided to stay on from last time.

Hawkeye: So where is SimbasGuard?

Green Arrow: He and Battle cat were kicked out after the “No Tiger Policy” was established here.

Hawkeye: No Tigers? What does that have to do with SimbasGuard?

Green Arrow: Ummm he is a tiger…duh!


Green Arrow: You interviewed him.

Hawkeye: Oh, yeah…Ok I see it now. Why was there a no tiger policy made?

Green Arrow: The owner made it after all of the carpets in the entrance hall were scratched up from being used by them to sharpen their claws.

Hawkeye: Oh, Ok, that makes sense, but poor SimbasGuard and Battle Cat… were did they go to anyway?

Green Arrow: Well SimbasGuard went to support Simba in the Olympus cup tournament, a while ago, but now I think he is sitting outside waiting for Simba to come out. I’m pretty sure Battle Cat is out there too, probably waiting for He-Man.

Hawkeye: We should send Legolas out there to interview them.

Green Arrow: Legolas facing two mammoth tigers just for our personal entertainment? I’m game.

Hawkeye: Well, there’s the fanfare, It’s time for the competitors to come out now.

Green Arrow: Iceman and Spider-Man walk out of their separate rooms and onto the field.

Hawkeye: Saphira flies to the center and waits for the two to make it over to her.

Saphira: All right, I want a nice clean fight, I don’t think I have to worry with you too, but don’t get carried away.

Green Arrow: Now, as usual we shall hand you over to the commentators box where Captain America and Professor Xavier are ready to get started.

Hawkeye: But first I need to mention some of our sponsors.

Green Arrow: Oh, do you have to?

Hawkeye: Yes its what we get paid for.

Green Arrow: fine hurry up.

Hawkeye: Ok, A&W; were more than just soda. Arby’s; our roast beef is almost 50% real, we think. Basken Robins; we’ll make you fat…er. Bojangles; Chicken and Biscuits, have you heard any sweeter words?. Boston Pizza; guess what, we sell pasta too! Burger King; we may be a little more expensive than McDonalds, but were still better tasting. Checkers; no not the board game, we sell hot dogs and burgers, and in building checker games. Chicken Licken…mmm chicken auggghhhh. Chuck e’ cheeses; you can bring your kids, and leave them here. Dairy Queen; try our new Bizzard of the month: peach cottage cheese. Dominos; were going out of business. Dunken Donuts; mmmm doughnuts auggghhhh. Godfathers pizza; we---

Green Arrow: Ok, I’m gunna stop you there, we need to go to the commentary, you can say the rest later.

Hawkeye: Ok…………Coca Cola!

Tournament II Fight I


Professor X: Thank you Green Arrow, and Hawkeye. Oh there is the gong, provided by my dear brother Cain Marko, or as most of you may know him, as the Juggernaut.

Captain America: That gong was the cue for the fight to begin.

Professor X: Iceman, always the trigger happy young man he is, starts shooting large icicles at Spider-Man.

Captain America: Spider-Man leaps into the air to dodge these Icicles, and lands behind Iceman.

Professor X: Iceman turns around to find himself being shot at by Spider-Man's webbing.

Captain America: Iceman shoots a cloud of cold at Spider-Man's webbing.

Professor X: Spider-Man's webbing looks like it is being froze by iceman's cold power.

Captain America: Spider-Man jumps into the air, and before landing, round-house-kicks Iceman in the head, and lands on the ground.

Professor X: Iceman seems to be out cold.

Captain America: Wow, that was kinda funny. That was a fast one, but of course this IS Spider-Man.

Professor X: Spider-Man wins! (10 votes to 5)

Captain America: Over to you Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: Thank you Cap, and Professor, those of you in the stands who were too busy watching the match may not have noticed that our referee did not call the match. We are now having an angry dragon known as Drake removed from the stadium as he was distracting Saphira from her duties. Some may say that this is too over the top to kick him out, but as Saphira is our referee, it is her responsibility to make sure that fighters are safe at all times.

Hawkeye: I'm sure it wasn't on purpose, but wow, for those of you who were watching the fight missed the awesome spectacle that was the fight on the sidelines.

Green Arrow: Yes, the entire security team, when trying to get Drake to leave had to fight 2 dragons! It was amazing!

Hawkeye: Yeah, Saphira did not want him to leave.

Green Arrow: I think that was an understatement. Ok, over to Legolas who is going to be interviewing the loser of the match.

Legolas: Thanks Green Arrow, Ok, Iceman what do you think caused your downfall in this match?

First of all, I would like to say I WAS FIGHTING SPIDER-MAN!! what did you think would happen? Plus Spidey had most of the crowd. If you could hear them through the commentary they were yelling "Spidey, Spidey, Spidey!" I didn't here one person yelling "Icey, Icey, Icey" except for maybe that guy selling slushies in the concession area. Ever since Spider-Man 3  people have been going mad over Spidey .And I just don't think that people have an eye for mutants anymore. But when my movie comes out "Dora the Explorer goes to the X-Mansion" I think people will be whistling a different tune.

Legolas: Oh a movie, that's exiting!

Iceman: Yeah, we made one about a year ago, it was awesome, but we couldn't release it because of the name. It was going to called "Bobby", but that other movie took it first.

Legolas: Well that's all the time we have for on "Losers corner". So now I have to interview some other people outside the Red Dragon Arena. Oh, wait It's Colleen, and Walker Texas Ranger. I don't think they see each other.

Colleen: Hey, it's Chuck N-

Walker Texas Ranger: LOOK, MY NAME IS WALKER TEXAS RANGER. I don't know who this Chuck N- guy is, but stop confusing me for him.

Legolas: Whoa, Drama...and just outside the front gate... SimbasGuard, Battle Cat, and I think that's Kimba the white Lion.

SimbasGuard: Hello Legolas.

Legolas: So SimbasGuard, how long exactly have you been out here?

SimbasGuard: Well, I came out here at sunup, but Battle Cat was here before I was.

Legolas: And how long were you out here Battle Cat?


SimbasGuard: Battle Cat says since the last tournament.


SimbasGuard: Battle Cat also says he has a safety pin!?


SimbasGuard: Oh, sorry, he said he would like to go in, I can never get those accents exactly.

Legolas: So what have the conditions been like out here?

SimbasGuard: Well its kind of cold, and it rained a little earlier, oh and just a few minutes ago a large dragon tried to take Battle Cat. Luckily at the last moment Battle Cat roared, and the Dragon seemed to think better of it.

Legolas: well thank you SimbasGuard, now lets talk to Kimba. What is it exactly you are doing out here?

Kimba: Well I would go in, but that no tiger policy includes Lions also. But the reason I'm here is because I need to meet with Simba. You see, because our names our so similar we often get each others fan mail. This bag here is all of his.

Legolas: Well that's good that you two talk to each other, um considering the obvious tensions you two could have.

Kimba: Yeah, lets not go there. Ok, I'm going to take a cat nap until the tournament is over, so I can give Simba his mail.

Legolas: Ok, back to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Thanks Legolas, and now over to the field to where the Owner of the Red Dragon Arena is standing waiting to make an announcement.

Owner of the Red Dragon Arena: Hello, and thank you again for coming to the Red Dragon Arena. These fights are more than just for the random acts of violence, they are away of bringing the world's heroes and villains together to root for their favorite fighter, and sometimes fight about the results afterwords. It has come to my attention that "The Red Dragon Arena" is a little bit of a mouth full. So I will change the name back to "The Chetradome" and I will be now be known as "The owner of the Chetradome" Thank you and enjoy the----woah!

Hawkeye: Oh my goodness, ladies and gentlemen. Someone just threw a rather large dart at The Owner of the Chetradome, Luckily Green Arrow blocked it with a shot from his bow.

Green Arrow: I hope the Owner of the Chetradome remembers that when it comes time to issue the Christmas Bonus.

Hawkeye: Yeah, like you need the money....Uh I mean...maybe Green Arrow...maybe....Ok, Walker Texas Ranger, the commander of the security team has someone pinned, oh you've got to be kidding is that him again?

Green Arrow: It is...Bullseye. Legolas, is down there, whats happening now Legolas?

Legolas: Walker Texas Ranger managed to get a make-shift pair of handcuffs on Bullseye make of human hair, poor Rapunzel. Bullseye, what do you have to say for yourselves?

Bullseye: I was just doing a job.

Legolas: A Job!? Who hired you?

Bullseye: Pull the piece of paper out of my coat pocket, and find out.

Legolas: Ok, I have the paper, I am unfolding it, there...oh dear...ok, I'll read it aloud...."You have until the He-Man vs. Hulk fight is finished to surrender your arena to me". Who could have sent this?

Hawkeye: Hmmm, maybe the Olympus Colosseum? Them and the Chetradome have been quarreling for a long time.

Green Arrow: That is true, Owner of the Chetradome, do you think it could be the Olympus Colosseum owner?

Owner of the Chetradome: Owner of the Olympus Colosseum? Who's that?

Hawkeye: Don't you talk to the Owner of the Olympus Colosseum all the time?

Owner of the Chetradome: Of course, yes.

Green Arrow: Can you tell us his name?

Owner of the Chetradome: I don't think it's necessary.

Hawkeye: We're just curious


Green Arrow: I think it's safe to say that we have an Impersonator here.


Hawkeye: Dr. Doom changes his appearance from the Owner of the Chetradome to his usual form and flies away.

Green Arrow: Holy Crap, if that wasn't the Owner of the Chetradome, then where is he?

Hawkeye: I don't know, but i think it's safe to say that the assassination attempt was a fake, along with the no tiger policy made on the Chetradome, and I guess the change of name from the Red Dragon Arena to the Chetradome.

Green Arrow: I kind of prefer the Chetradome to the Red Dragon Arena.

Hawkeye: Me too, but there are more pressing matters, where is the Owner of the Chetradome?

Audience Member: Over here!

Green Arrow: Where? Oh its Thor, and standing next to him is... The Owner of the Chetradome.

The Owner of the Chetradome: No, sorry its only me, the Martian Manhunter, this form is the only way i could think of to get in.

Hawkeye: Ok, everyone who is impersonating the owner of the Chetradome, please go back to your regular forms, we need to find him.

Harry Potter: Its OK, I've got him.

Green Arrow: Holy Crap its Harry Fricken Potter!

Harry Potter: The Owner of the Chetradome is here, under my invisibility Cloak.

Hawkeye: Owner of the Chetradome, why were you under there?

(the real) Owner of the Chetradome: Upon entering the Chetradome, it became apparent to me at once that some changes had been made, I knew that since nothing can be done around here without my consent, that someone was impersonating me. So, I sought someone who could keep me hidden, but still allow me to keep an eye one the fake owner of the Chetradome. That's when I found Harry Potter, I have been standing high in the stands behind where people sit as not to be trodden on.

Green Arrow: How do we know you are the real Owner of the Chetradome?

Owner of the Chetradome: ...You CAN'T!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA......not funny? Oh, come on I was just kidding guys!

Hawkeye: Ok, I believe you. Let's get a move on. He-Man and Hulk are on the field and are probably getting very bored waiting, and you don't want Hulk bored, trust me.

Green Arrow: Yes, your right, let's go to Legolas with the surprise between fight entertainment. Legolas?

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, for the surprise entertainment we have two of the most analytical minds of our time. Adrian Monk, and the Riddler, these two are going to go head to head in a riddle contest. The rules are very simple each competitor will --one at a time-- give each other a riddle, they will be given sudden death style, as one missed answer will result in a loss. Only two riddles will be given each break, and the time limit they have is how long it takes for Hawkeye to mention five of our sponsors. Are you both agreed?

Monk: Um Yeah....wait no...yes...defiantly yes...

Riddler: always

Legolas: Ok, we need a random member of our audience to flip a coin for us, oh how about you uh, Stupor Duck.

Stupor Duck: It would be my pleasure

Legolas: Ok, Monk, would you like to be heads or tails?

Monk: not tails, heads....defiantly heads...or maybe tails....but--

Legolas: How about you Riddler what do you want?

Riddler: .....tails....

Legolas: Ok, Stupor Duck, go ahead and flip the coin and there you go.

Monk: Heads!

Legolas: The coin is---

Stuper Duck: Tails!

Legolas: Thank you Stupor Duck you can sit down now. Ok, Riddler, give Monk a tricky one!

Riddler: Alright, Tall I am young, Short I am old, With bright light I glow, Wind is my foe, what am I?

Hawkeye: Hardee's, we're basically Arbey's but more expensive. Hungry Howies: all you can eat pizza for five dollars, no wonder you can't find us anywhere. Kentucky Fried Chicken: It looks like chicken right?. Krispy Kream: Only 10% guano. Little Caesars Pizza: no, we're not compensating for anything!

Legolas: Ok, Monk, that's five, we need an answer!

Monk: (sigh) Candle

Legolas: is that correct Riddler?

Riddler: yes

Legolas: Ok, Monk it's your turn to give a riddle.

Monk: Alright, This man living on the 20th floor in an apartment building got up early each morning to go to work in a downtown store. He always went into the elevator on the 20th floor and rode down to the entrance (1st floor). When he came home he always rode the elevator from the entrance and up to the 8th floor. He walked out of the elevator and walked the stairs up to his apartment on the 20th floor. Why don't he take the elevator all the way up to his apartment?

Hawkeye: Long John Sil---

Riddler:  This man is a midget and can only reach to the 8th floor button.

Legolas: Wow, that was fast, is that correct Monk?

Monk: Yes, but I didn't realize that we could interrupt Mr. Hawkeye or I would have answered earlier.

Legolas: Well it looks like we'll have to continue this riddle war at our next break over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Alright, well Saphira is flying to the center ring of the arena, it is almost time for the next fight to start.

Hawkeye: But first some sponsors!

Green Arrow: No, no more sponsors, you get your sponsor time during the riddle war.

Hawkeye: Errrr, fine

Saphira: Alright I want a nice clean fight, and try and keep it on the arena floor, please.

Green Arrow: Ok, that's the fan fair, over to you Dr. Strange and Sorceress.

Tournament II Fight II


Dr. Strange: Thank you Green Arrow, And there’s the gong.

Sorceress: He-Man charges at Hulk, sword outstretched to impale Hulk.

Dr. Strange: He-Man is almost to Hulk now, I wonder how something as Magic as He-Man’s sword would effect Hulk.

Sorceress: I guess we will have to see. I know that He-Man’s sword works against Superman.

Dr. Strange: Who’s Superman?

Sorceress: It’s a long story, He-Man is almost upon Hulk now.

Dr. Strange: A split second before He-Man’s sword touches Hulk, Hulk swings around, smashes his arm into He-Man, and He-Man goes flying backwards.

Sorceress: He-Man crashes to a landing, and Hulk charges after him.

Dr. Strange: He-Man gets to his feet, and Hulk is closing in.

Sorceress: He-Man readies his sword again, and charges at Hulk.

Dr. Strange: Hulk scoops up He-Man and throws him straight up in the air.

Sorceress: As He-Man soars to a point above the clouds we can’t see, Saphira, who expressly told the competitors to ‘keep it on the ground’ flies over to Hulk, and breaths a cloud of fire onto him.

Dr. Strange: I guess that must be her way of giving a penalty.

Sorceress: I guess so. Oh, there’s He-Man. Sword straight down, He-Man whistles down to Hulk.

Dr. Strange: Hulk is so flabbergasted that Saphira blew fire onto him, he almost forgot about He-Man.

Sorceress: Almost as if remembering a sudden appointment, Hulk looks up. He-Man is almost upon Hulk.

Dr. Strange: Hulk, swings his arm up and around, catching He-Man on the side.

Sorceress: Hulk, He-Man in hand, jumps high into the air.

Dr. Strange: Saphira looks like she is going to interfere again, but thinks better of it.

Sorceress: Hulk throws He-Man down. He-Man is falling with the acceleration of gravity, plus Hulk’s throw.

Dr. Strange: He-Man hit’s the ground, followed by Hulk’s elbow down to hit He-Man in the back.

Sorceress: I think He-Man would be Ok, just after the fall, but Hulk’s elbow really hurt him.

Dr. Strange: He-Man is on the ground unconscious, and Hulk picks him up again.


Sorceress: Well, there you have it, Hulk defeated He-Man (10 to 3), over to you Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: Thank you Sorceress, and Dr. Strange. Ok, not too big of a break this time, all we have is Legolas’s interview with He-Man, and the Riddle War still continues. Over to you Legolas.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, Ok He-Man why do you think you lost this match?

He-Man: Well personally I thought I had a victory in the bag. It is well known that I am the most powerful man in the universe. I guess Hulk just isn’t part of my universe.

Legolas: Thank you He-Man, Ok, over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Hawkeye: Thanks Legolas, Ok, up to the Rid-- Oh, my

Green Arrow: SECURITY! Our East wall is being over run by Doombots!

Hawkeye: Given the Numbers over there, I don’t think that Our Security Team will be enough

Green Arrow: Your right, If you are willing and able, fight to save this arena!

Hawkeye: We are more than two million strong, I think we can over take them.

Green Arrow: Every one from Astro Boy to Zatanna are fighting the Doombots.

Hawkeye: But where is Dr. Doom?

Green Arrow: Over there, he is about to blast the VIP box

Hawkeye: Who’s up there?

Green Arrow: The only the rich and famous, so basically the Owner of the Chetradome

Hawkeye: We should get someone up there to help him!

Green Arrow: It seems that the spectators, and the Security team have suppressed the Doombots. And as the roof of the VIP Box is blasted off, Doom catches site of The Owner of the Chetradome.

Owner of the Chetradome: AHHH, I need a weapon....OH a Rocket Launcher!

Green Arrow: The Owner of the Chetradome picks up a rocket launcher and shoots it at Doom.

Hawkeye: Wow, that was easy, Doom is unconscious, and the Owner of the Chetradome is on his way over here.

Green Arrow: What do you think is Doom's problem?

Owner of the Chetradome: Well I didn’t have much time to ask him, but he should be unconscious for a while.

Hawkeye: Well, I can't wait till we can ask him.

Green Arrow: Ok, well Simba and Batman are walking out now, lets go over to Legolas to the Riddle war for two more riddles.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, Ok, Riddler, I think it was your turn, go ahead.

Riddler: Ok, I cannot be felt, seen or touched; Yet I can be found in everybody; My existence is always in debate; Yet I have my own style of music. What am I?

Hawkeye: Long John Silvers, If our name was misleading, we sell fish! McDonalds, We had the Big Mac first, that’s why were suing E-Z Mac. Quizno’s Subs, EAT QUIZNO’S SUUUUUUUUUUBS! Pizza Hut, Try our new pizza called ‘The Mastodon’ it’s a think crust pizza with 5110 different toppings, be sure to bring a cardiologist with you when you eat it. Red Robin, Red Robin Dum-- uh, yum!

Legolas: Ok, Monk, do you have an answer for us?

Monk: A Soul.

Legolas: Is that correct Riddler?

Riddler: Yes.

Legolas: Ok Monk, its your turn.

Monk: Ok, There is a common English word that is nine letters long. Each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains an English Word-- from nine letters down to a singe letter. What is the original word, and what are the words that it becomes after removing one letter at a time?

Hawkeye: The Sizzler, we’ll cook anything you bring from home, but no cow, that’s gross. Taco Bell, ha, ha we have you hooked, every time you see a chihuahua, you think of Taco Bell. Wendy’s, look, our store was established by a little girl, don’t make fun of our uniforms. White Castle, I know you all have seen the movies, but please, we have too much business, our burgers really aren’t that good. Exxon mobile, oh we are so close to a monopoly!

Legolas: Ok, Riddler, what is the answer?

Riddler: I have to admit, this is a toughy, unfortunately not tough enough. The answer is: Startling, starting, staring, string, sting, sing sin, in, I.

Legolas: Is that the correct answer Monk?

Monk: Yes, it is.

Legolas: Well both competitors are still standing, I guess we’ll have to continue this next break. Over to you Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: Thanks Legolas. Our next fight is Simba vs. Batman.

Saphira: Alright I want a nice clean fight, and no eating the loser!

Hawkeye: Saphira looks at Simba for that last bit.

Green Arrow: Ok, over to you, Timon, and Robin.

Tournament II Fight III


Robin: Thank you Green Arrow, and before this fight I would just like to say that Batman has taken on many a foe, some of them with super powers and thrice his size, I think this fight will be over before you can say Hakuna Matata.

Timon: Oh, I know you didn’t take my catch phrase.

Robin: Your catch phrase, excuse me but I heard it on a movie.

Timon: Yeah, MY movie.

Robin: Actually, I’m pretty sure it was Simba’s movie.

Timon: I was also a producer, so I would like to think of it as my movie more than Simba’s.

Robin: I think that you are mistaken, if you ask anyone who that movie was about, they will say Simba, not Timon.

Timon: We can bicker about this all day, but I think we better get started, Juggernauts been banging on the gong like a drum for the last few minutes.

Robin: Your right. Batman and Simba stand off in the center of the arena.

Timon: Suddenly both act; Batman Jumps into the air, and Simba hops up on his hind legs and roars at Batman.

Robin: Batman throws some Bat-shurikens at Simba, and Simba dodges.

Timon: The moment Simba dodges, he jumps up and soars at Batman.

Robin: Simba and Batman collide, Simba knocks Batman down.

Timon: Batman, using Simba’s momentum to his advantage, throws him off of him, and behind him.

Robin: Batman stands up, and pulls out some Bat-smoke-bombs.

Timon: Simba uses his proud roar ability, and the Bat-smoke-bombs explode.

Robin: Pride doesn’t make that happen!?

Timon: Well, Simba does know a little magic.

Robin: Well, that would explain it.

Timon: The cloud of smoke surrounds Batman, and Batman falls to his knees.

Robin: Batman staggers to his feet, and pulls out something metallic the size of an aspirin.

Timon: Batman pushes a button on the object, and it begins to unfold, and contort to reveal a gun shaped device.

Robin: That must be his new invention, the Bat-miniature-flame-thrower.

Timon: Batman shoots fire at Simba, and Simba jumps over Batman to avoid the flame.

Robin: Simba lands slightly singed, and Batman is out of ammo. I guess that is one disadvantage to having things in miniature form, they run out of ammo really fast.

Timon: Simba, seems to be slower now, he is probably tired, and that fire probably didn’t help his health at all.

Robin: Suddenly, the whole arena begins to slow to a crawl, like we are all in slow motion. Simba glows green and he smiles.

Timon: Normal speed comes back to the arena including Batman. Simba, taking advantage of his new strength, jumps at Batman.

Robin: Simba tackles Batman to the ground, Batman had no way to dodge this, and is knocked out as his head smashes the ground.

Saphira: Batman is unconscious, Simba wins! (9 to 7)

Timon: What were you saying about Batman defeating much tougher competitors Robin?

Robin: Ok, I get it, I was wrong. Over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Robin, Alright, now that Aquaman has zapped Batman with his water hand, Batman is conscious, and ready to be interviewed by Legolas. Over to you Legolas.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, Ok, I am here with Batman who if you have been paying attention just lost to Simba. What do you think lead to your demise?

Batman: It would seem that even though I had the most recent movie, and have one on the way, Simba still seems to have a larger audience, just because he happened to help …uh Sora I think his name was…He lost his keys or something? Anyway, Simba had a larger fan base, as well as most of the audience.

Legolas: That’s nice, Sorry Batman, but Simba just walked out of the changing room, I think I should interview him now.

Batman: Now hold on a second, I still didn’t get a chance to tell you about how my quick demise in the first tournament eventually lead to my defeat in this one…WAIT!

Legolas: So, Simba, how are things going for you in the Pride Lands?

Simba: Very good, we had an attack a few weeks ago…uh nothing major, just a S.H.I.E.L.D. base was going to be built where Pride Rock is, and needless to say that didn’t go over too well. Me, Nala, her mother Sarafina, Kiara, Kovu, Zira, and even my father joined us. Uh, he was resurrected by Rafiki, and a Wizard named Mallow. We all fought against the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and won luckily. The real estate market is in a dive, trying to find new Pride Lands would be one difficult task indeed.

Legolas: Wow, it looks like you have been busy.  Ok, Simba thank you for that insight into what makes a champion, now over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye, while I make my way up to the top box for the “Riddle Wars”

Green Arrow: Why are you asking me? YOUR head of security, just kick ‘em out!

Hawkeye: Uh, Green Arrow?

Green Arrow: WHAT?

Hawkeye: Uh, we’re on.

Green Arrow: Oh, eahem… Thank you Legolas, and sorry to you --the audience-- for that brief out-burst. The Charmed One’s tried to vanquish Ghost Rider, it was a pyrious ordeal. Luckily, our second in command, Mallow, the Wizard managed to stop them. It would seem that Chu--uh--Walker Texas Ranger is not anywhere to be seen, so Mallow took the three up here for me to deal with. As you heard just a moment ago, the three have been kicked out.

Hawkeye: There’s Walker Texas Ranger! He’s coming from the exit.

Green Arrow: Did you agree with my decision to kick them out?

Walker Texas Ranger: huh? Oh yeah…

Hawkeye: What’s wrong with you?

Walker Texas Ranger: Just got a date….with Phoebe.

Green Arrow: NICE! Where you going?

Walker Texas Ranger: Some club called P3...

Green Arrow: What time are you going?

Walker Texas Ranger: That’s just it, since she’s got nothing going on right now, and she has to do some Demon hunting later, we’re going to go now. I just thought I would let everyone know that Mallow is now the new head of security.

Green Arrow: Wow Walker, we sure will miss you.

Walker Texas Ranger: Goodbye.

Green Arrow: And as Walker Texas Ranger walks out of the front doors of the arena and off to his date, Schroeder plays Beethoven’s fifth, the Moonlight sonata. Kind of sad don’t you think Hawkeye?

Hawkeye: (sniff)

Green Arrow: Are you crying?

Hawkeye: (sniff)…no…I…just…it’s just so beautiful!!!!!

Green Arrow: I think that’s enough of this, Saphira is on her way to the middle of the arena with the competitors, over to you Legolas at the Riddle Wars.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, Ok Riddler, it’s your turn to try and stump Monk. GO!

Riddler: Ok, I soar without wings, I see without eyes. I’ve traveled the universe to and fro. I’ve conquered the world, yet I’ve never been anywhere but home. Who am I?

Hawkeye: Ben Franklin Stores, if you know where are one store nationwide is, come and but stuff. Bi-Mart, we were here before Wal-Mart, so stop sending us letters about copy write infringement. Kmart, we still have a couple of stores left. Sears, were like Wal-Mart, except smaller, and more expensive, and we don’t sell food, and we don’t get sued very often. Target, we made Wal-Mart as a place to put our surplus, now were running out of business.

Legolas: Ok Monk, do you have an answer?

Monk: Yes, Imagination.

Legolas: Is that correct Riddler?

Riddler: yes.

Legolas: Ok Monk, it’s your turn to give the Riddler a riddle.

Monk: Alright, what force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do. And many in the street would stand, were I not a friend at hand. What am I?

Hawkeye: Wal-Mart, we sell EVERYTHING! And please stop suing us. Best Buy, if your looking for electronics, we’ve got a larger selection than Wal-Mart, if you need anything else, go to Wal-Mart. Shop-co, ALL we sell are electronics, man, who was the guy that said ‘lets sell only one genre of purchasable item’? whoever it was was a complete…genius. Yonkers, we sell everything from diamonds, to cologne, to clothing, too bad none of it is worth half of it’s price. Bed-Bath-and Beyond, we sell items found in decorating the bathroom, and the bedroom, no one under the age of 18 in the Beyond section.

Legolas: Ok Riddler, do you have an answer?

Riddler: Yes, the answer is….a key.

Legolas: Is that correct Monk?

Monk: Yes it is.

Legolas: Ok, so that means that we will have to continue this next time, over to you Green Arrow, and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Ok, well it’s time to turn over to the fight, because Colossus and Ironhide are waiting to get the commentary started. Saphira?

Saphira: Ok, I want a nice clean fight, and just remember some of the audience members aren’t as durable, or shock resistant as you.

Green Arrow: Ok, were ready to start over to you Colossus and Ironhide.

Tournament II Fight IV


Colossus: Thank you Green Arrow, Juggernaut just hit the gong, and here we go.

Ironhide: Optimus transforms into his semi-truck form, and charges at storm.

Colossus: Storm raises her hand into the air, and a lightning bolt falls down onto Optimus.

Ironhide: Optimus seems to be unharmed, and storm raises her hand again.

Colossus: This time a large tornado touches down, and hurls Optimus a quarter mile or so to what used to be his left side.

Ironhide: The tornado dissipates and somehow Optimus lands on his wheels. He transforms into his bot like form, and begins to shoot at Storm.

Colossus: Storm, raises both her arms this time, and a large vortex of air surrounds Optimus, then inside the vortex it begins to snow.

Ironhide: Oh no, it’s our only weakness! Sub-Zero temperatures.

Colossus: Optimus tries to escape the vortex, but finds it impassable.

Ironhide: He attempts to transform into his truck form, but it looks like some of his amniholosyatomic fluids are frozen and he can’t, for earthlings, that would be comparable to your hydraulic fluids…

Colossus: Optimus’s feet are firmly frozen, and to the ground I might add.

Ironhide: It seems that the freezing is going up his body.

Colossus: Storm does not stop her freezing as it steadily immobilizes Optimus. Saphira is taking off now.

Ironhide: Oh heck, its up to his neck.

Colossus: Storm stops the freezing, and the vortex, and Optimus is frozen solid, except for his head.

Ironhide: Saphira lands next to Optimus.

Saphira: Are you stuck Opium?

Optimus Prime: Opium? I am Optimus Prime! And yes, I am stuck.

Saphira: Then Storm wins! (8 to 6)

Colossus: Ok, this fight has ended, over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Ok, that is the last fight of the first seed, our next fight will be Spider-Man vs. Hulk.

Hawkeye: But first over to Legolas who will be interviewing the loser of the fight, Optimus Prime.

Legolas: Thank you Hawkeye, Ok Optimus what do you think lead to your demise?

Optimus Prime: Well quite honestly, a highly advanced machine vs. someone who controls the weather? I’m just glad she didn’t start the minivan size hail.

Legolas: Are you pleased with your performance, do you think you gave all that you could?

Optimus Prime: Well Legolas, I think I could have done better, But I think I’ll be back for the next tournament! Ha, ha, ha…..I am Optimus Prime.

Legolas: Um, yeah, ok, well over to you Green Arrow while I make my way up to the Riddle Wars.

Green Arrow: Thank you Legolas, ok, well the Owner of the Chetradome has decided to make a surprise mini-speech. Over to you Owner of the Chetradome.

Owner of the Chetradome: Thank you, alright everyone, now that the real me is in power again, I have decided to lift the “no tiger” policy. The Road Runner is giving the large felines outside the good news.

Green Arrow: Road Runner! But wont they eat the messenger?

Owner of the Chetradome: Oh, I hadn’t thought about that, I guess they could if they could catch him.

Green Arrow: Thank you Owner of the Chetradome, Ok well Dr. Doom is still not conscious yet, so I guess we can't talk with him, Saphira and the competitors are making their way onto the field which is the signal to go over to Legolas with the Riddle Wars.

Legolas: Thank you again Green Arrow, Ok Riddler you are up first.

Riddler: Alright, Many things can create one. It can be of any shape or size. It is created for various reasons, and it can shrink or grow with time. What is it?

Hawkeye: Hardware Hank, with part of our name being “hardware” it’s hard to put vacations to Aruba on our taxes as a business expenses.  Ace Hardware, you better not put our add after Hardware Hank. Barnes and Nobel, think of a book, and we got it, if we don’t got it, we have a team of writers in the back who can make it in about 4 days. Marvel and DC Comics, printing pure unadulterated fact since the 1930’s. Pepsi, now even more caffeine!

Legolas: Ok Monk, we need an answer.

Monk: A hole

Riddler: That’s correct.

Legolas: Ok Monk, it’s your--

Monk: Only one color, but not one size, stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies. Present in sun, but not in rain, doing no harm, and feeling no pain. What is it?

Hawkeye: RC Cola, we may not taste as great, but we put less of a dent in your checking account. Craftsmen, getting the man out of the house since 1927. Chef Boyardee, our food tastes great, never mind that our products are made of 50% preservatives that cause cancer. Oreo cookies, made with just a dash of nicotine. Little Store, open 24/7 for your robbing convenience.

Legolas: ok, Rid--

Riddler: a Shadow.

Monk: Right.

Legolas: Ok, well things are really heating up hear as it seems these two don’t need me anymore, and are starting to sound more competitive. Over to you Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: Ok, well its almost time for the fight to begin.

Saphira: Ok, Hulk, Spider-Man, good luck, and remember you are on television.

Green Arrow: Ok, over to Dr. Strange, and Captain America who are in the top box.

Tournament II Fight V


Dr. Strange: Thanks Green Arrow, Ok I guess we can get the fight under way.

Captain America: Wait, don’t ring the gong yet!

Dr. Strange: What’s wrong Captain America?

Captain America: Let’s just wait for the National Anthem.

Dr. Strange: We don’t sing the National Anthem here.

Captain America: Why not?

Dr. Strange: Because, the Chetradome isn’t part of any Country, and there are people from all over the world here. I think it would make them uncomfortable.

Captain America: Well the Chetradome has to be somewhere. Where is it?

Dr. Strange: Well technically we are on an Island in the Pacific Ocean, but we are in the Chetradomic plain in another dimension, so no one can bother us.

Captain America: Well I’m sorry, but we can’s start the fight with out a little patriotism.

Dr. Strange: Can someone please just make up an anthem, and sing it fast, so that we can start this fight.

Captain America: The Owner of the Chetradome is coming out now with a microphone.

Owner of the Chetradome: Ok here we go. (to the melody of the Star Spangled Banner)

Here we are at Chetradome,
Go to star bucks they got hot fome,
O’re the battle we watch
Home Depot got a paint swatch

Commentators let us know,
Who will stay and who will go,
Through the fights we’ll all see,
Who the winner will be,

And Saphira calls the match,
Don’t worry we got another batch,
Interviews, the Riddle Wars,
Then we advertise some stores

Oh Green Arrow, and Hawkeye make us feel at home,
Oh the field is kind of bloody, welcome to the Chetradome.

Dr. Strange: wow, either the Owner of the Chetradome is very good at improvising, or he has been wanting to sing that for a while.

Captain America: Either way, we can start the fight now, ring the bell Juggernaut.

Dr. Strange: Juggernaut rings the bell, and Hulk charges at Spider-Man

Captain America: Spider-Man web-zips out of the way as Hulk tries to smash him into the ground.

Dr. Strange: Hulk seems to be a little confused, but quickly regains his composure as he spots Spider-Man behind him.

Captain America: I have to say this is going to be a tough one for Spider-Man to win.

Dr. Strange: I think your right, but Spider-Man has never let us down, and perhaps this time may be the same… then again he is fighting the Hulk, so maybe not.

Captain America: Spider-Man shoots some webbing at the Hulk, and it covers his eyes.

Dr. Strange: Hulk cannot see, Hulk looks around, then feels his eyes. Hulk bounds forward to where he saw Spider-Man last, Spider-Man who had not yet moved web-zipped out of the way.

Captain America: Hulk, not seeing Spider-Man jumping out of the way, or anything for that matter is still running forward with increasing speed.

Dr. Strange: Hulk smashes into the vibranium lased walls of the Chetradome.

Captain America: Hulk falls on his back and to the ground. Saphira takes to flight.

Dr. Strange: For those of you that don’t know, Vibranium is a curious substance, when hit, it absorbs the energy exerted on it and pushes it back on what ever hit it.

Captain America: My shield has vibranium in it, and I could jump off of a building, land on my shield, and I would be fine, if that helps you to understand.

Dr. Strange: Saphira lands next to Hulk, and stairs down at him.

Saphira: Spider-Man, you win, you are moving to the finals!

Captain America: Spider-Man jumps for joy, as the Hulk starts to stir.

Dr. Strange: Ok, Spider-Man wins (10 to 4) over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Dr. Strange, two things before we go over to Legolas with his interview of the Hulk. First, before Hulk smashed into the wall almost a quarter of a million spectators  ran, jumped, and some even flew out of the way, as I am sure most of them forgot about the vibranium and its absorbing qualities. Naruto, used his shadow clone jutsu, and is escorting everyone back to their seats as we speak.

Hawkeye: As WE speak, I haven’t said anything  yet.

Green Arrow: Well now you did, Ok, the second thing is that Dr. Doom is conscious again, and we will be questioning him via our other correspondent, right after legolas’s interview with Hulk. Ok, over to you Legolas.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, Ok Hulk how do you feel?


Legolas: Why do you think you lost this battle?


Legolas: Well, you heard it here folks, ok over to you Green Arrow as I get up to the top box for Riddle Wars.

Green Arrow: Ok, now over to our special correspondent Red Arrow who will be interviewing Dr. Doom, Red Arrow?

Red Arrow: Thank you Green Arrow, well hear I am in the infirmary, where Madam Pomfrey, and nurses Cosmo and Wanda have given Dr. Doom a clean bill of health. For the last 5 minutes or so, Doom has been talking with the Owner of the Chetradome. I have however managed to cut in and ask to ask Doom a question. So Dr. Victor Von Doom, why did you try to kill the Owner of the Chetradome, twice?

Dr. Doom: I merely wanted to let the world know that no one swindles Doom, and lives. However, it seems that the Owner of the Chetradome and I have a lot in common, being powerful millionaires and all. I think we have come to an agreement, as a way to atone for my assassination attempts on him. He will make an announcement about it after the next fight.

Red Arrow: Wow, Doom doesn’t really sound too much like himself, like someone did a Jedi mind trick on him, or cast a spell, wow Mallow you’re a really good whistler, but I wonder who did it?

Green Arrow: Well, Saphira and the competitors are making their way on to the field. Now we’ll go over to Legolas with the Riddle Wars, Legolas?

Legolas: Ok, Riddler, it’s your--

Riddler: If you wrote all of the numbers from 300 to 400 on a piece of paper, how many times would you have written the number 3?

Hawkeye: Greyhound,--

Monk: 120 times, A dozen royals gathered round, entertained by two who clowned. Each King there had servants ten, though none of them were also men. The lowest servant sometimes might, defeat the king in a fair fight. A weapon stout, a priceless jewel, the beat of life, a farmer’s tool. What am I?

Hawkeye: Proctor and Gamble, we--

Riddler: A deck of cards.

Monk: correct.

Legolas: wow, things are really heating up here at riddle wars, over to you Green Arrow, and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: The fight is almost ready to begin.

Saphira: Alright I want a nice clean fight, and remember what happened in the last fight, the walls are lased with vibranium, they are crash resistant, and as I just found out, magical fire resistant.

Green Arrow: Well there’s the fanfare, over to you Timon and Colossus.

Tournament II Fight VI


Timon: Well there’s the gong, Simba starts off the fight by charging at storm.

Colossus: Storm summons a bolt of lightning that misses Simba by inches as he dodges out of its way.

Timon: Simba, thinking quickly does his proud roar.

Colossus: Storm counters this by summoning a tornado in between the two of them, the loud noise of the tornado covers the effects of Simba’s proud roar, making it so that it in no way effects Storm.
Timon: Simba is swept up in the tornado just before it dissipates.

Colossus: Simba falls, and lands on his feet.

Timon: Storm immediately summons a cloud of fog, and it surrounds them both, there is no way either of them could see each other.

Colossus: This in no way gives storm the upper hand.

Timon: No, but it does give it to Simba, with a feline sense of smell, Simba pinpoints Storms location and tackles her to the ground.

Colossus: Storm hits her head on the ground, and Saphira takes off toward the two.

Timon: Simba, gets off of her and backs away quickly as Saphira lands.

Saphira: She is unconscious, Simba Wins! (10 to 3) You will be fighting Spider-Man in the finals!

Colossus: Ok, well that was a quick fight, but Simba wins, over to you Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

Green Arrow: Thank you Colossus, OK, over to Legolas who will interview the loser of the fight.

Legolas: Thank you Green Arrow, Ok, Storm, what do you think led to your demise.

Storm: Well right after I lost I realized, why didn’t I fly? I mean there is almost no way that he could have jumped up and got me, and I could have won the match long range, oh well, I made it to the semi-finals that’s something at least.

Legolas: Thank you Storm, Ok over to the Owner of the Chetradome who needs to make an announcement.

Owner of the Chetradome: Thank you Legolas, ok, well first I would like to say that for the time being, Doom and I have reached a consensus, and have decided to work together, and as a result he would like to add his own twist to the prize for this tournament. Doom would like to give the winner of the Tournament a certificate to be “leader of Latveria for a day” to be used at the will of the winner. Secondly, earlier today there was a petition going around the stadium trying to get Simba disqualified from the tournament for being an animal, I rejected the petition, but SimbasGuard took it offensively, and the following people are now in the hospital wing: Iron man, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Steel, The Grinch, the Cat in the Hat, Underdog, Isis, Skeletor, Teela, Blade, Wolverine, Human Torch, Van Helsing, Punisher, Bart-Man, Stupor Duck, Pie-Man, Cupcake Kid, Belle, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Fiona, Tinker Bell, Scooby-Doo, Yosemite Sam, and Yogi Bear. If any of these people are relatives or close friends, please give them a visit, they could use it. There were others on the list, but the petition was so soaked in blood that SimbasGuard could not read any more. You know what else got soaked in blood? MY ENTREE-WAY CARPETS, AND I JUST HAD THEM CLEANED!!

Hawkeye: Ok thank you Owner of the Chetradome. Alright, Saphira and the competitors make their way onto the field, over to Legolas at the riddle wars.

Legolas: Thank you Hawkeye,---

Riddler: A time when they’re green, a time when they’re brown, but both of these times, cause me to frown. But just in between, for a very short while, they’re perfect and yellow, and cause me to smile! What is it?

Hawkeye: Super One--

Monk: Bananas…What God never sees, what a king seldom sees, and what we see every day. What is it?

Riddler: How fitting as this is the last riddle, the answer is “an Equal” as I now see you and I clearly are.

Legolas: Wow, this is amazing, as the Riddle War draws to a close with no winner, The Riddler and Adrian Monk shake hands.

Monk: uhhh, Natalie…wipe…wipe…

Legolas: Over to you Green Arrow!

Green Arrow: Ok, well Sora heals Simba, and the match is about to begin.

Saphira: Alright, I want a nice clean fight, the winner of this match will win a Safari to the Sunderban, be leader of Latveria for a day, and be part of the Champions Guild, where the only member so far is Superman. And make it snappy, I have a date. Let’s get it on!

Hawkeye: Ok, over to you Captain America and Timon.

Tournament II Fight VII


Captain America: Thank you Hawkeye, Ok well there’s the gong, lets get this fight underway.

Timon: Simba leaps into the air, and soars toward Spider-Man.

Captain America: Spider-Man uses his webbing, shoots it at Simba and pulls. The result is Simba soars even faster, and Spider-Man is now in the air behind him.

Timon: Spider-Man kicks Simba in the back, and Simba accelerates even more.

Captain America: Simba lands on his feet, like all felines do, and uses his proud roar on Spider-Man.

Timon: Spider-Man seems to be disoriented. But it looks like he shook himself out of it…how?

Captain America: I think it might have something to do with Spider-Man’s Spidey-sense. It must somehow be counteracting the confusion from Simba’s attack.

Timon: Spider-Man shoots two web blasts at Simba.

Captain America: Simba is now bound and gagged by Spider-Man’s webbing, and Saphira takes off.

Timon: Wow, that was a quick fight.

Captain America: I agree, but it looks like now we have a winner. (14 to 13)

Saphira: (rushed) Ok, congratulations Spider-Man you win, the Owner of the Chetradome will give you your prize, ok got to go, late for my date.

Green Arrow: Saphira takes off, and the Owner of the Chetradome appears in the middle of the arena accompanied by Mallow, I guess that would explain the teleporting.

Owner of the Chetradome: Congratulations Spider-Man,  you are the winner of this tournament, you will now get your prizes as well as the honor of sitting in the champions box at the next tournament. Ok, first I would like to present you with your free Safari in the Sunderban, just let him know, and Mallow can teleport you there. Second, you get to be king of Latveria for a day, Dr. Doom asked me to give you this certificate. Ok, and a surprise prize straight from the kitchens, 40 packets of Chetradome brand Chetradome Barbecue Sauce. Thank you all for coming and as you exit Green Arrow and Hawkeye will bring the tournament to a close.

Green Arrow: Well, I remember the first tournament, we were sad to go because we did not know there was going to be another tournament, well we just finished our second, and the Owner of the Chetradome just said that there will be another one. Do you have any special plans for the next tournament Owner of the Chetradome?

Owner of the Chetradome: Well first off, I would like to get rid of some of this advertising, maybe hire some camera men who aren’t blind, I like the master commentators I have. Green Arrow, Hawkeye you probably have done most of the speaking, Legolas who interviews the losers of the fights, and refereed the Riddle Wars did a very good job, and your special correspondent that you only used once, Red Arrow had and Arsenal of funny things to say. I would also like to thank The Smurfs who finally cleaned the entree-way carpets. Oh whats this? It appears to be a clipping of Dragon Claw, Saphira must have dropped it in her haste to get to her date. This could come in handy, Dragon Claw has an uncountable number of magical properties.

Mallow: 1,854 actually.

Owner of the Chetradome: Well there you go, it is amazingly magical. Ok, well I'll close be saying I hope to see all of you next time here at the Chetradome.

Hawkeye: Ok, that brings us to a close in this tournament. Thank you and goodnight.

Green Arrow: Yes, goodnight

Hawkeye: Goodnight.

Green Arrow: GOODNIGHT!

Hawkeye: Why do you have to have the last word?

Green Arrow: Because I am more popular, and have a more charismatic voice. GOODNIGHT!

Hawkeye: (whispers) …night…

Green Arrow: I heard that…goodnight.

Hawkeye: … … … … PEPSI!

Green Arrow: (sigh) Aye…

Hawkeye: …

Green Arrow: Ok, that’s not fair, if Hawkeye says nothing we should end it there, don’t write dot dot dot on the archive script!

Hawkeye: …

Green Arrow: …


To complain about this tournament, and give donations to his debt, contact Legolas at

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Battle II - Hulk vs. He-Man





Battle III - Simba vs. Batman





Battle IV - Optimus Prime vs. Storm

Optimus Prime




Battle V - Spider-Man vs. Hulk





Battle VI - Simba vs. Storm





Battle VII - Simba vs. Spider-Man





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  • Bat-Smoke-Bombs
  • Bat-Miniature-Flame Thrower
  • Aquaman
  • Red Arrow
  • Green Lantern
  • Captain Marvel
  • Steel
  • Isis

Belong to NBC/Universal:

  • Drake
  • Adrian Monk
  • Gabriel Van Helsing
  • Natalie Teeger

Belong to Tezuka Productions:

  • Kimba The White Lion
  • Astro Boy

Belong to the Estate of J.R.R. Tolkien:

  • Legolas

Belong to Christopher Paolini:

  • Saphira

Belong to Norris Brothers Entertainment:

  • Walker Texas Ranger 

Belong to So Who Wins:

  • Red Dragon Arena Tournament/Chetradome Tournament
  • The Red Dragon Arena/The Chetradome
  • Owner of the Red Dragon Arena/Owner of The Chetradome
  • Beemuh
  • Mallow
  • SimbasGuard (Sort of)
  • No Tiger Policy
  • Olympus Cup Tournament (sort of)
  • Peach Cottage Cheese Blizzard (sort of)
  • Dora The Explorer Goes To The X-Mansion (Sort of)
  • Loser's Corner
  • Amniholosyatomic Fluids (Sort of)
  • Riddle War
  • The Mastodon Pizza (Sort of)
  • Chetradomic Plain
  • Chetradome Anthem (Sort of)
  • Chetradome Champions Guild
  • Champions Box
  • Chetradome Barbecue Sauce
  • (sort of)

Belong to Mattel:

  • He-Man/Most Powerful Man in the Universe
  • Battle Cat
  • Sorceress
  • Skeletor
  • Teela

Belong to J.K. Rowling:

  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Harry Potter
  • Invisibility Cloak
  • Madam Pomfrey

Belong to 20th Century Fox:

  • Bartman
  • Pie Man
  • Cupcake Kid

Belong to Shonen Jump:

  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu
  • Shadow Clones

Belong to Hasbro:

  • Optimus Prime
  • Ironhide

Belong to The Estate of The Brothers Grimm

  • Rapunzel

Belong to The Estate of Charles M. Schulz:

  • Schroeder 

Belong to Lucasfilm Unlimited:

  • Jedi Mind Trick


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