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Testing...It's Not That Bad, Really!


Fulfilling the annual testing requirement seems huge to a new homeschooler, but it is truly not that difficult here in North Carolina.

  • We have a lot of options as to which test to use 
  • We can administer the test ourselves or have someone else do so
  • Our students do not have to achieve minimum scores.

Testing is simply something that must be done once a year!

Which test should I use?

Tests must fulfill these requirements:

  • be nationally standardized
  • be an achievement test (measures subject knowledge)
  • cover at least English grammar, reading, spelling and math

Many tests fulfill these requirements. The ones most often discussed in the Charlotte area are the California, the Iowa, the Stanfield, the PASS and the Woodcock Johnson. Which test you choose will depend on several factors:

  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Do you want to administer the test yourself?
  • Do you just want to "be legal" or do you need useful information from the test?

 If you just want to stay legal, you don't mind administering the test yourself (it is not difficult) and you want the least expensive option, you can order a CAT for about $25 per child. 

It is legal in NC for parents to administer the tests themselves and, in fact, many parents do so. Some homeschool groups provide group testing for their members. WINGS opens their spring group testing to non-members.

If you use a test like the CAT every year, you will be able to compare scores from year to year which may prove helpful. However, if you need more information than the CAT provides (think back to your own achievement tests in school and the percentiles and stanines), another popular option is the Woodcock Johnson. This test is administered in person individually by a qualified tester. The cost is higher than the CAT, typically $65 to $85, however, the feedback involved is much more detailed and useful. Some WJ testers charge more and include curriculum recommendations, etc. 

This page is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion of testing. It contains the most pertinent information to help homeschooling parents realize that testing in NC does not have to be a big deal and should not be a source of additional stress. Parents decide which test, what level of test, and where it is taken. There is no minimum score that the students have to achieve. We just have to make sure it happens every 12 months for our students 7 to 16!


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