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North Carolina Homeschool Regulations

If you have tried to figure out the NC homeschool law from reading the NCDNPE website, you may be totally confused right about now! Don't worry, it affects everyone that way at the start. Part of this is due to the current mishmash that intersperses actual requirements with mere suggestions on every page.

So here is the straight scoop...

In North Carolina, there are three requirements that homeschools must meet:

 1) We must send in a Notice of Intent to NCDNPE.

This is simply a notice to the state that we are opening a home school, we do NOT have to be approved to homeschool.

This NOI has to be accompanied by proof of high school graduation of the chief administrator/teacher. Acceptable proofs include copies of high school transcript or diploma or copies of college transcript or diploma. 

This notice is sent in either:

one month before your oldest child (being homeschooled) turns 7 years old 


between July 1st and August 15th of the year you begin homeschooling

OR  before children are withdrawn from school if mid year and they are 7 years old or older.

The choice of Part 1 or Part 2 (religious or non-religious) on the NOI in question 10 makes no difference at all so pick whichever suits you best.

We must now file the NOI electronicallyand during business hours of Monday - Friday, 7:30am to 4:30pm.

 2) We must keep on file immunization records or a religious or medical exemption statement and attendance records for our homeschool.

This is just a file at your 'school', which is your home. The attendance record can be as simple as a calendar with days marked off. You do not have to use a special form. You decide what constitutes a school day. Many homeschoolers believe that children are learning every day and keep attendance accordingly. Accordingly to the statutes, we are required to operate on a regular basis at least 9 calendar months out of the year.

Attendance form from NCDNPE. You do not have to use this form but it is simple.

3) We must test once annually with a nationally standardized achievement test that includes the areas of grammar, reading, spelling and math.

These tests can be adminstered by the parent and some cost as little as $25 per child. There are no minimum score requirements. More information on the Testing page.



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