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What you really need to know about Homeschooling in Charlotte NC

Considering Homeschooling?

Step Number One - Learn all you can about homeschooling!

If you are just starting to think about homeschooling as an option for your family or for one of your children, the first step is gathering enough information to make an informed decision.

Find information on homeschooling:

  • Surfing the web
  • At the library
  • In your local homeschool store
  • Talking to homeschoolers

Top Charlotte info sources:

Step Number Two - Making the Decision!

Homeschooling is not just an educational choice, it is a lifestyle. That is why the decision feels so big and scary. You will be joining a small minority group. You will be different from most of your neighbors. You will be taking on all of the responsibility for your child's education. You may face disapproval from family and friends who do not understand your choice. That is why Step Number One is so essential and needs to include meeting other homeschoolers online and in person.

As you gather information, you begin to realize that there are about as many different ways to homeschool as there are homeschool families. Choosing a method or philosophy that suits you, your family and your child is an important part of the process. Remember that you can always change along the way as you adapt to homeschooling.

At some point you simply have to make your choice and jump in with both feet!

 If your children are all less than seven years of age and not in school:

  1. Read the NC Homeschool Law page so that you know when you will need to file your NOI and begin testing.
  2. Start your file for your children's immunization records or their exemption forms.

If your children are all less than seven years of age and some in school:

  1. Do one and two above.
  2. Contact your child's school to inform them that you will be homeschooling your child. They may want you to fill out some forms. You may want to let the teacher know directly. This is usually a pleasant experience; however, be prepared that some administrators or teachers may be negative about your decision.Remember that you are not seeking their permission. Be courteous but firm. Knowing the law before you go in will help your confidence level tremendously.

If you have children seven years of age or older in school:

  1. Do one and two above.
  2. When your homeschool has been officially opened by NCDNPE, you can withdraw your children from their schools and begin homeschooling. Whether the withdrawal process is positive or negative will depend on the school. See suggestions above for how to handle this.


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