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   My  name  is  Charles  Loukeris,   and  I  am  a  hobby  breeder  of Carduelan finch's,  Canaries, and  my specialty mules/hybrids, bred for  there  unusual  color  combinations, longevity and unsurpassed singing  ability.

I was born in Athens,  Greece  and  have  moved to the States at the age of three.  Currently  I  am  residing  in Billerica ,Massachusetts.
My  family  had  a  big  influence  on  keeping/breeding  birds as my father and my uncles ,  used  to  trap and breed European Carduelan finches,  primarily  the  European  Gold finch and while growing up
we  always  had  a  Goldfinch  or  Canary  singer  in  the house as a family  pet.

At  the  age  of  fifteen  I  decided to purchase my own birds. At this local  pet  shop I  was drawn to  these  gorgeous  yellow  and  green
birds that caught my eye. They were Green singing Finches  (Serinus mozambicus) and  during  the course of that year successfully breed them  opening  the  door  to  my  future  of  bird  breeding.

Currently,   I  still  breed  the  Green  singer  and  a  variety of other Carduelans.  I  have  been  working  with a few species but has been very difficult to obtain new bloodlines. I am interested in producing free  breeding strains of African Citril's and the newly imported and still  quite rare in aviculture  the Lemon-breasted Canary. If anyone is willing  to exchange these 2 types of Carduelans please feel free to contact  me.

Thank you,

Charles Loukeris


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