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About Aermacchi Lightweight models

In Varese, Italy a manufacturer called Aeronautica Macchi had achieved great success building airplanes, notably the Macchi Fighter used in WWII.  The company also manufactured motorcycles in its Aermacchi division.

In 1960, Harley-Davidson bought a contolling interest in Aermacchi.  Since there was not enough time to plan for production of a new model, the 1961 Sprint C model was simply an Aermacchi bike (which had already been in production at the time) sporting Harley-Davidson decals on the gas tank.

The original plans called for the introduction of a motorcycle using an engine designed by Aermacchi to be mounted on a Sportster frame.  Eventually, that plan was scrapped and a new design was used the following year for the 1962 Sprint C model, ushering in the Harley/Aermacchi era.

The Sprint would be followed by many other models, and though the Sprint's last year was 1974, other models would continue to be built until 1978 (see chart below), when Harley-Davidson ditched the "lightweight" business entirely.

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The models built from 1961 to 1978 included:

Baja 100
1970-1974 100cc
M (M-50, M-65)
1965-1966 50cc
MS (M-50 Sport, M-65 Sport) 1967-1972 65cc
ML 125, MLS 125 1968-1972 125cc
MX-250 1975, 1977-78 250cc
Shortster   1972 65cc
C (Sprint) 1961-1966 250cc
H (Sprint) 1962-1968 250cc
SS (Sprint) 1967-1968 250cc
Sprint SS-350  1969-1974 350cc
Sprint SX-350 1971-1974 350cc
SS-175 1975-76, 1978 175cc
SS-250 1975-76, 1978 250cc
SX-125 1974- Early '75 125cc
SX-175 1974-76, 1978 175cc
SX-250 1974-76, 1978 250cc
TX-125 1973 125cc
SS/SXT-125 Early '75, 1976, 1978 125cc


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