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have u ever noticed...

Posted by charlesdirk on October 5, 2012 at 6:50 PM

have u ever noticed how diffrent people get allong diffrently??its must be something diffrent with the way all of our lives our diffrent...everyone has diffrent kinds of obsticales and challenges....people get angry about diffrent kinds of things...diffrent people like to talk about diffrent kinds of things...some people have no sympathy...some people do...some people r kind and some people r unkind....i choose to be around kind understanding kinds of people...unkind people...never seem to makes me wonder if lots of unkind people...never get any kinds of breaks in their makes me think they must have a reason for being unkind....sometimes the only way i feel like to deal with unkind just to be more rude to them than they r...since they allways try to shock me...i have to make damn sure i do things to them that will stick in their minds...that takes a long time to perfect though....some people know how to be unkind at all of the right kinds of moments,,,it practically gives me a panic attack...because i get caught so offguard....i know im not the only one that feels that way...i spend too much time some ways i like other ways i dont....its nice that im kind of free to do what i want with my free time...but it sucks sometimes i dont feel inspired enough to really do anything...

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