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about my disabilitys

Posted by charlesdirk on October 5, 2012 at 6:40 PM

I am mentally disabled in more than one kind of way....i have a very hard time concentrating at times...>>allot of the reason is im around children allot...and i have lots of family problems sometimes.....just so i can get that out of the way,...that is one of the reasons...i dont study more complicated ways of playing guitar is because...i never can feel focused i try to practice things easier for me then try to make them more difficult as i go allong in my seems to work somewhat...but i still have allot of things i want to explore with the guitar...and dont want to be stuck in ruts....this is part of my attention deficit....some times i dont think about the right kinds of things when im trying to write about them....u can say im just undisciplined but im telling other way seems to work for me....if it try it other ways just makes me get very angry then i get depressed......and i know all about how anger isnt a good emotion unless if u can let it fuel u for a good anger doesnt seem to work that way anymore....i have over thought too many ways of anger....i am to a point..i prefer to think peacfully if i think allways seems like its....evil....and i dont choose to be evil.....i wish i could say i dont have any evil thoughts....but i think most people have evil kinds of thoughts once in a telling u...u feel way better,,,,when u let go of evil thoughts....evil thoughts seem like they can make a good horror movie.....but still dwelling on those kinds of thoughts for too long...dont make me feel good....

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