Transport Transport Land Rover A copy of his Land Rover - in chocolate 48894291 Train 0-6-0 for a 60th birthday 48894286 Aston Martin DB5 He'd always wanted one 48894293 HMS Victory A chocolate version of this famous ship with appropriate signal flags for a 50th birthday. 48894294 Aircraft Carrier Aircraft Carrier - for a WW2 Corsair pilot 48894287 Yacht Chocolate yacht for a fiftieth birthday 48894288 Learner Driver A 17th birthday cake 48894289 Bus Pass For a 60th birthday, with photo icing 48894285 F1 Copy of Schumacher's F1 car 48894290 Bon Voyage Flying home to Texas 48894292 Pirates & Mermaids With faces of the four children celebrating their fifth birthday 118091958 Lambretta For an ageing Mod... 48894295 Concorde Simon use to work on Concorde 118091959 118099008