Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes Ocean Themed A surfing scientist married a scuba instructor; both seen on the top of the cake 121168070 Chocolate Roses Wedding Cake Rich chocolate cake with white, milk & plain chocolate roses.. 48894183 Valentine's Day Wedding My own wedding cake - Coffee sponge with black icing and red handmade roses 48894185 White Roses Wedding Cake Chocolate and vanilla sponges, cream icing & sash with white handmade roses 48894184 Fresh Hydrangeas Simple icing with fresh hydrangeas and sugar mice. 48894186 Blue Hydrangeas Handmade sugarpaste flowers 48894187 Ice Climbers' Wedding Cake Bride helps groom up the mountain 48894188 Butterflies Four tiers with different flavours. Butterflies on the sides of the cake and the bride and groom in tennis and cricket gear.... 48894189 Polka Dot Wedding Cake Four tiers: traditional fruitcake, sticky lemon, cherry and chocolate covered in brown and green polka dots, tied with ribbon and topped with brown and lime green feathers. 48894190 Traditional Wedding Cake Traditional cake for 300 guests with additional cupcakes 48894191 Small Traditional Wedding Cake Smaller version of the traditional wedding cake 48894192 Chocolate Wedding Cake Dark Chocolate cake with white chocolate icing and roses 48894194 Engagement Chocolate with silver roses and hearts 48894203 Groom Cake He wanted a yacht on the wedding cake - so he had this one - goes with the hydrangea cake. Groom cakes are very popular in the States, they are often funny. 48894193