FI*Chai-lai cattery

Photos: Heikki Siltala 2006

FI*Chai-lai Cattery

We are Korat and Egyptian mau breeders from Vaasa, in the western of Finland. We are also starting to breed some Singapuras. Cats have always been in our hearts and I had had cats all my childhood. We breed for quality, health and temperament. The wellbeing if the cats is our primary concern. All our cats and kittens live as family members in our home. They are used to children, since we have three children: Emilia 15 years, Jenny 14 years and Gabriella 8 years. We live in a big detached house in Vaasa's Asevelikylä. We also visit in catshows, and it has became mine and my daughters joint hobby. Our cats have succeeded very well at shows, but we show our cats with their terms.

Our first korat cat Maj (Dewdrop´s Q-Suda Charunee) came to us in August 2003. This little charming creature captured our hearts and Milla Pyötsiä, the breeder of Maj introduced us to the fashinating world of cat shows also. In spring 2004 we decided that our little missy needs a boyfriend. Since there were no suitable match in Finland, I headed to Norway in order to pick up little Uffe (Lucky Uffe). Uffe was a lovely little guy, who became a handsome stud. Because of his interesting pedigree and  sweet temperament Uffe became quite popular and became father of 21 wonderful kittens. Maj has had three litters. We fall in love with Uffe, so we decided to get another korat stud - this time from Finland, and we welcomed Ana (Yog-Hurt's Atlach-Nacha) in to our family. Ana was pretty charming and succeed very well at shows too. Ana had three litters in Finland. In 2007 we also got Inka (Poison's Rahng Wun Pi Sayt) from Outi Niemi. We are very thankful to Outi for this beautiful and individual korat! Inka had two litters with us, and we kept Ruusu (Chai-lai Ying náa chaai) from Inka's last litter. Ruusu is our korat queen, and she has already had one litter.

We were very lucky to get our first Egyptian Mau in summer 2006 from Mauisha cattery, Belgium. Mauisha Khety is charming and very affectionate and a good friend with her fellow korats. There are only a few Egyptian Mau cats in Finland, but we hope that this lovely breed will get more fans. Khety has done very well in shows and has been four times the best in show in her category. In 2009 we got our second egyptian mau queen Khepri (Schooiertjes Tis Ana). Khety and Khepri get along very well and they are best friends. Khepri had her first litter in February 2010, where we kept one very promising girl; Weera (Chai-lai Walidah Ife). Weera's father is Sisu and Sisu's mother is Khety, so Khety is Weera's grandmother.

I got my first singapura from UK, Spookipawz cattery. Now we have three singapuras; Pretty (Spookipawz Pretty) from UK, Liberty (Purgia Liberty) from Romania) and Bonanza (Jinnonmi Bonanza) from Ireland). We have had one singapura litter with Pretty and Bonanza and there were one kitten in the litter; Kelly (Chai-lai Kindhearted Kelly).

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