THIS SUNDAY, March 17th
10:00 a.m.
Pastor Mike Nanninga
Calvin Theological Seminary

ADVANCE March 19th
9:30am – Mary and Martha Ladies Society

March 19th
7:00pm – Friendship Group -Meet at Bowlerama

March 19th
7:00 pm- Elders Meeting

March 20th
6:30pm – GEMS and Cadets

March 23rd
Euchre at the Slotegraaf’s

March 24rd
10:00am – Cadet Sunday. Potluck and Kub Kar races after the service.

March 26th
7pm – Full Council Meeting

April 1st - 2nd
Kingfisher Bay Retreat-bb

April 2nd
6:30 pm, Watoto Children’s Choir at Calvary

April 6th
Geneva House Banquet- see poster

April 27th
Women’s Conference-poster on bb

May 3rd - 4th
Kingfisher Bay Retreat-bb

May 10th - 11th
Healing workshop at Grace United-see bb