LYNDA BULT, Secretary

Lynda Bult first came to Peterborough from Brampton more than thirty years ago as wife to Arjan, and mother to two sons. She began her church involvement as a counselor for the Calvinettes girls group (now known as the GEMS). Later, she helped with Friday Night Bible School, the Sunday School program, several committees, church-affiliated charitable organizations and congregational master planning. When her fourth son began school full time, she discontinued her home day-care program and began a cleaning company.

Shortly after that, the church secretary position opened, and Lynda applied, feeling that this was a ministry for which the Lord had been preparing her. She has been working in that position for more than 15 years now. She began when the church had no pastor, continued through the term of Pastor Koopmans, a second vacancy, and now serves Cephas with the present staff. If Lynda was asked to sum up her ministry in a sentence. .. "serving the Lord while serving His people at Cephas is a busy ministry filled with challenges, joy and fulfillment!"