PHANfest 5:  Poems for the Pantries

"Poets Helping America's Needy" Festival 5 (PHANfest 5):  Mon Nov 10 - Mon Dec 29, 2014

Fifth and final NJ food pantry fundraiser sponsored by Sensations Magazine is completed - we raised a total of $1,300 for 28 food pantries in New Jersey, which collectively serve all 21 NJ counties (a minimum of $35 each, with extra to some based on individual donor specifications.)   This is the highest single total in all five of our fundraisers, and a fitting end to 25 years of fundraising and community improvement by Sensations Magazine.  We will get your selected associated Literary Marketplace items to you in the coming months, if you haven't received them already.  Thanks to the 40 individuals who contributed - especially the 4 who contributed $100 to $250 apiece!

Below is how we set up PHANfest 5 to achieve this.   

1. Choose what you want to "purchase" from the Literary Market in Column A below.  Items will be supplied on a "first come, first serve" basis.  You may choose more than one item, but write a separate check, to a separate beneficiary, for each item that you choose.  Write "PHANfest 5" and the Item # in the MEMO section of each check.  (Sorry, cannot take credit cards nor cash.)
2. Choose a beneficiary from Column B below.  This section shows how the organization's name should be written in the "Pay to" section of your personal check. 
3.  Mail your check(s) to "David Messineo, PHANfest 5 Campaign, P.O. Box 132, Lafayette, NJ 07848."
4.  Mr. Messineo will log in all payments, collate them, then mail them directly to the food pantries.  Goal is to have all checks mailed during the first week of December.
5.  Each beneficiary food pantry will be instructed to send "thank you" acknowledgments for all personal check donations to the address on each personal check.
6.  The late luncheon & poetry reading associated with PHANfest 5, part of the Sensations Magazine Creative Events Series, took place on Sunday, November 23, 3-5:30pm, at Stokes Steakhouse, 19 Hwy 206 South, Sandyston, NJ (phone 973-948-3007; menu up online at 
7.  As his contribution to the PHANfest 5 effort, in addition to making a direct financial contribution, Mr. Messineo will personally incur the cost of shipping the 25 items to donors.  

Please enjoy your literary shopping experience below, and please give generously!  All donations paid by personal check are to 501(c)3 organizations, which may be tax deductible if you itemize.  Again, you may purchase more than one item, but please write a separate check - and select a different beneficiary - for each item.  Remember to write "PHANfest 5" then the Item # in the MEMO section of your check.  Again, items are available on a "first come, first serve" basis - so email me, or contact me through the "Contact" button on this website, to "hold" an item for you.  I'll confirm its availability before you mail your check.

Happy shopping, and thank you for your generosity!


AVAILABLE! - $5 - ITEM 1:  Packet of 4 poems ("tear sheets") from the pages of Sensations Magazine, originally published between 1987 and 2014 ($5/packet, multiple packets available).
-SOLD- $10 - ITEM 2:  One poetry packet + POETRY Magazine Feb 2006 issue, featuring Dean Young, Robert Pinsky, and Mary Kinzie
-SOLD- $10 - ITEM 3:  One poetry packet + POETRY Magazine March 2009, featuring Fanny Howe, Conor O'Callaghan, and Seth Abramson
-SOLD- $10 - ITEM 4:  One poetry packet + POETRY Magazine April 2011, featuring Averill Curdy, Karen An-hwe Lee, and Laura Kasischke
-SOLD- $10 - ITEM 5:  One poetry packet + Celestial Rust by Dean Kostos (used copy, a duplicate from my personal library)
-SOLD- $10 - ITEM 6:  One poetry packet + Immortal Poems of the English Language, An Anthology Edited by Oscar Williams - 447 British and American Masterpieces by 150 Poets (First Edition paperback, 1952)
-SOLD- $15 - ITEM 7:  One poetry packet + Everything Preserved Poems 1955-2005 by Landis Everson (Winner of the Emily Dickinson First Book Award from the Poetry Foundation)
AVAILABLE! - $15 - ITEM 8:  One poetry packet + mercy mercy me by elena Georgiou (paperback, c2000, Painted Leaf Press)
-SOLD- $15 - ITEM 9:  One poetry packet + That Fall - New & Selected Poems by Paul Genega (salmonpoetry, c2001)
AVAILABLE! - $15 - ITEM 10:  One poetry packet + Genealogy X by Thomas D. Jones ("Bound Proof," 1 copy available)
AVAILABLE!- $15 - ITEM 11:  One poetry packet + Landscapes in Awareness: a collection of POEMS by Charles R. Bagby (per copy, 2 sold, 1 available)
-RETRACTED- $15 - ITEM 12:  Sensations Magazine Silver Anniversary Sampler, Supplement No. 5, 2011/2012 ( per copy, 4 available) - A sampling of poems originally published in Sensations Magazine issues from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. (per copy, 4 available - copies are used and show slight wear)
-SOLD- $15 - ITEM 13:  Suburban Gothic by David Messineo (1 used paperback copy available)
-SOLD- $15 - ITEM 14:  Formal by David Messineo (1 hardcover available, spine dented on bottom, otherwise in excellent condition)
-SOLD- $15 - ITEM 15:  Poems from Providence by Brett Rutherford/First Edition (per copy, 4 paperback copies available)
-SOLD- $15 - ITEM 16:  2014 Poet's Market (paperback copy, 1 available)

-SOLD- $25 - ITEM 17:  Ten issues of Poets & Writers Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013 to Nov/Dec 2014 (1 set available, sold only as a set)
-SOLD- $25 - ITEM 18:  Ten issues of American Poet Magazine, #35/Fall 2008 to #42, Spring 2012; #45/Fall-Winter 2013 to #46/Spring-Summer 2014 (1 set available, sold only as a set)
-SOLD- $30 - ITEM 19:  David Messineo Published "Rarities":  Anthologies/Magazine (one set available).  David's poetry appears in these rarely seen items, all originals included in this set:  the 1995 anthology Lovelines: Poems of Love and Loss; the March 1999 issue of Art & Understanding Magazine; Vol. 20, No. 3 of ART TIMES Magazine; The Casino Anthology, published in 2002; and the 2007 paperback anthology VOICES FROM HERE, published by the Paulinskill Poetry Project.
-SOLD- $30 - ITEM 20:  First Edition Rarities:  Poems from Providence by Brett Rutherford, and Seriously Serial by John J. Trause - very rare First Edition copy, autograph included (1 set available, sold only as a set)
-SOLD- $30 - ITEM 21:  Historiopticon by David Messineo (one paperback copy, Second Edition)

-SOLD- $50 - ITEM 22:  The Poets We've Lost:  Moira, Vera, and Eugenia (one set).  Since 2013, Sensations Magazine has mourned the loss of three of its long-time poetry reading series participants:  Moira Bailis, Vera Gelvin, and Eugenia Macer-Story.  This set contains four of their books:  The Antidote to Prejudice and It Has To Do WIth Seeing by Moira Bailis ("The Collected Works of Moira Bailis Vol. 1 & 2, both paperback); The Presence of Everything by Vera Gelvin (last copy); and Yankee Oracle Gazette Ad Astra/Desde Many Worlds Edition by Eugenia Macer-Story (spiral bound paperback, last copy).
-RETRACTED- $50 - ITEM 23:  Sensations Magazine "Fiction Fanatic" Set (one set available).  Set contains one copy of Sensations Magazine Issue 28, "15th Anniversary Fiction Issue" (Winter 2002); one copy of Sensations Magazine Issue 41, "20th Anniversary Fiction Issue" (Spring/Summer 2007); and one copy of Sensations Magazine Issue 49 (Pt 1, Fiction), "25th Anniversary Issue" (Fall 2011).  Note that all three copies are used, and show signs of wear.
-RETRACTED- $50 - ITEM 24:  Sensations Magazine "Research Fanatic" Set (one set available).  Set contains one copy of Sensations Magazine Issue 42, "Spoken Word: 20th Anniversary Issue" (Fall/Winter 2007) and Sensations Magazine Supplement 4, "The Six Centuries Club Supplement" (Summer 2011).  These two documents contain the extensive "Our Lives Together In the Arts" spread, documenting portions of the American poetry scene from 1979 to 2011- and the Sensations Magazine contribution to that.
-SOLD- $150 - ITEM 25:  David Messineo:  Golden Anniversary Box Set, 1971-2020 (one set available) - Includes one autographed copy of each of his first eight books and chapbooks:  First Impressions, Suburban Gothic, A Taste of Italy, A Taste of Brazil, Restoration, Formal, The Search for the Sapphire Robe, and Historiopticon (2nd Edition), and his ninth book, Trailblazer, when it's published circa 2020-2021.  Extremely rare opportunity, never before offered.  Only 26 copies of The Search for the Sapphire Robe were published.  A Taste of Italy and A Taste of Brazil cannot be found or purchased online.  And the sole copy of Restoration available only is attempting to be sold for about $200.  If you've been meaning to purchase Messineo's books and get caught up, and don't currently own any of them, this is your best opportunity to do so.  NOTE:  If you choose this option, please divide your payment into 3 separate checks of $50, and make check each out to a different food pantry beneficiary.

The list of 28 beneficiaries below was selected by Sensations Magazine Publisher David Messineo, based on online research he conducted in November 2014 - and brings the total number of food pantries to benefit from our 5-year PHANfest effort to 100. 

Several of our 2014 beneficiaries have posted "shelves bare" situations online; others are being unduly overburdened due to a SNAP benefits cut of about $60-90/month per family.  (A proposal to restore these cuts was recently vetoed by Governor Christie.  Go online, and read all about it.)

For each item purchased from Column A, please select one beneficiary from Column B to be recipient of your payment/donation.  Here is our list of selected beneficiaries:

1.  ATLANTIC COUNTY - "Jewish Family Services".  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
2.  ATLANTIC COUNTY - "St. Nicholas of Tolentine Food Pantry"
3.  BERGEN COUNTY - "Center for Food Action" (Mahwah)
4.  BERGEN COUNTY - "Center for Food Action" (Ridgefield)
5.  BURLINGTON COUNTY - "Christian Caring Center".  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
6.  CAMDEN COUNTY - "Touch New Jersey".  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
7.  CAPE MAY COUNTY - "CARA" (stands for "Coalition Against Rape & Abuse", but you can use the abbreviation).  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
CUMBERLAND COUNTY - "Help & Hope Ministries Food Closet"
9.  ESSEX COUNTY - "Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation"
10.  ESSEX COUNTY - "MEND" (stands for "Meeting Emergency Needs with Dignity," but you can use the abbreviation)
11.  GLOUCESTER COUNTY - "Perfecting Ministries".  Also put "Hope Mobile Food Truck" in MEMO section.
12.  HUDSON COUNTY - "Holy Rosary Church".  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
13.  HUNTERDON COUNTY - "Open Cupboard Food Pantry"
14.  MERCER COUNTY - "Catholic Charities".  Also put "Mercer Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
15.  MIDDLESEX COUNTY - "Hands of Hope Food Pantry"
16.  MIDDLESEX COUNTY - "Oak Tree Presbyterian Church".  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
17.  MONMOUTH COUNTY - "Project Paul"
18.  MORRIS COUNTY - "Denville Social Services Food Pantry"
19.  MORRIS COUNTY - "Rockaway Food Closet"
20.  OCEAN COUNTY - "Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church".  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
21.  PASSAIC COUNTY - "Bloomingdale United Methodist Church"
22.  PASSAIC COUNTY - "Cumac" (serving the Paterson area)
23.  SALEM COUNTY - "Asbury United Methodist Church."  Also put "Disciples Pantry" in MEMO section.
24.  SOMERSET COUNTY - "Peapack Reformed Church".  Also put "SHIP Mobile Kitchen" in MEMO section.
25.  SUSSEX COUNTY - "Lafayette Federated Church".  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
26.  SUSSEX COUNTY - "Sussex County Division of Social Services."  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.
27.  UNION COUNTY - "Star Fish Food Pantry"
28.  WARREN COUNTY - "Phillipsburg Social Service Center."  Also put "Food Pantry" in MEMO section.

PHANfest 5 Campaign
P.O. Box 132
Lafayette, NJ 07848