Interactive Research - Issue 48

Here are the 29 websites referred to in our Issue 48 "interactive" research article.  Please copy and paste each of the websites below into your Internet browser, to further enjoy our "interactive" research article "Good News from America:  21 Things to Look Forward to by 2100 C.E.", written by David Messineo, and published in Sensations Magazine Issue 48, "21st Century America," pages 94-95.  In many cases, clicking on the dynamic hyperlinks below will take you directly to these websites without copying and pasting - but first, read the notes where included below:

Note:  The site above is for a preliminary debt reduction approach.  It is not the final one being discussed in the news currently, which should be published sometime in the coming two months.  If the link doesn't work properly, go to, click on "Debt Reduction Task Force" at right, then click on "Read the Full Plan," and the full .PDF file titled "Restoring America's Future" should come up.

Note:  This direct link has problems, and may cause problems on your computer.  Better to go to the main website, then search for the article.

Note:  The above should import as "seticon," not "section."  If your browser automatically changes it, retype the above as shown to access the article.

Note:  If you scroll down on the left and search and click on "IKAROS", you will see the space sail that is depicted on the top right of the front cover of Issue 48, and learn more about it.

Note:  The website above is the final full text of the health care reconciliation bill passed by both the House and Senate, and signed by President Obama.  The especially ambitious among you would need to combine this with the separately passed House and Senate bills to fully see all the legislative text behind our first "approved" attempt at universal health care.

Final Note:  There is both fun and seriousness in what is presented above.  All told, I hope the combination of these selections puts a more positive spin on your personal outlook for America by the year 2100 C.E. - David Messineo.