Accepted Submissions, Coming Next, and a Final "Thank You"

Our final poetry and fiction acceptances were published here through mid-2012.  Please see the other messages below, which remain relevant.

The final subscription to Sensations Magazine will be a two-year 2012-2013 subscription, a "package deal" of 3-4 final items:

  • Sensations Magazine Issue 50, "Titanic," published Sunday April 15, 2012
  • The Search for the Sapphire Robe by David Messineo (poetry collection #7, in a Lettered Edition), coming August 25, 2012
  • Historiopticon by David Messineo (poetry book #8), coming April 2, 2013 (for the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon's first Florida landing)
  • The Sensations Magazine Index, 1987-2012, coming by December 31, 2013

After those items are completed, my quarter-century of annually asking for and accepting your generosity and financial support will be completed.  There will be occasional requests, as future projects develop - but no further requests for magazine subscriptions.

On a more personal note:  poetry book #9, Trailblazer, containing all new material, will be published in 2021, tied in with a Golden Anniversary Tour (50 years active in poetry).  If that happens, I will have succeeded in my last desired goal in this arena:  to be active in the New Jersey poetry scene during six different decades.  (We'll see.)  In short - "it's over - but it's not over."


Thank you to everyone, past and present, who enabled me to live my dreams - research, publishing, event planning and hosting, and creating community - each year for over a quarter-century.  It's been a sensational run, but I need to close this chapter to have the time and space to open new chapters of challenges and activities.  I have done all I could do in the poetry and history scenes for you, and thank those of you who have expressed appreciation for the hard work and efforts - not only to me, but to my sensational volunteer staff (Marilyn Hartl, Paul Nash, Kleber de Freitas, and all the Guest Poetry Editors, translators, artists, and photographers who joined us over the years).

I hope you will stay with us a little while longer as we bring the Sensations Magazine era to a "grand finale" and sensational close - and attempt to reunite our "extended family of writers" one more time - via a Facebook page (by personal invitation from Publisher).