Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of work submitted, and the research and craft that went into many submissions.  Reasons for rejection could have included, but are not limited to, these:  (1) The poem exceeded the 45-characters-per-line limit, which was clearly stated on this site and in paper flyers, and thus was disqualified (if I really liked the poem, I may have changed line breaks and done minor edits to get your poem within the 45-characters-per-line limit); (2) though good to excellent, the poem did not hone closely enough to the "Dance" theme to meet my satisfaction; (3) either the approach, or the craft, or both were not up to the same par as your accepted submission.

All of the above poets are invited to join us (at their own expense) in Sussex County, NJ on Sun December 29, starting 12:30pm, for our in-house Supplement 9 "Dance" debut, which will include readings of the published poems by the authors present, the debut of the expanded in-house Dance Gallery, screenings of dance videos performed by Kleber de Freitas, and the serving of a variety of teas and refreshments (potluck-style - bring what you can).  Please bring your own pre-prepared coffee.  The in-house portion will run to about 4-4:30pm, with a group dinner at your own expense to follow.  New Yorkers will be picked up at Dover station, and returned to the train station after dinner for the ride home. 

Accepted poets also will be given the opportunity to upgrade to full 2019 subscriber status in mid-October, which will open to them the opportunity to submit to Supplement 9, "Art Deco," coming December 2019 (postmark deadline Oct 15, details coming later).


The master copy of Supplement 9 is now completed, and will be produced in-shop on Thursday December 26, and collated and bound in-time for the debut scheduled for Sunday, December 29, 2019, weather permitting.

Below are the titles of poems accepted that were submitted by our active subscribers.  Titles are listed per poet - you will see the final sequencing of poems when you get your copy of Supplement 9.

Alyta Adams, Port Jervis, NY
"For Kleber's Birthday:  May 7, 2019"
"Kleber: We Remember"

Joel Allegretti, Fort Lee, NJ
"Goodbye to the Morris, November 1916"
"My Tarantella"
"In Memory of M.C."

Dennis Wayne Bressack, Woodstock, NY

"Last Night I Dreamed I Danced At Your Wedding"
"You Dance With My Monkeys"

Patricia Carragon, Brooklyn, NY
"Shall We Dance"
"Brazilian Blue"

Karen Fitzpatrick, Magnolia, DE

Davidson Garrett, New York, NY
"The Universal Language of Dance"
"Appalachian Spring in my Taxi's Backseat"
"Sensations Magazine Reading in Lafayette, NJ"

Lindsay Holeman, Highland Park, NJ
"Missing Your Presence"
"Kleber's Hair"
"Thirty Years, Revisited"

D. Scott Humphries, Sandyston, NJ
"Fon Lep:  Thailand"
"Ram Kae Bon: Siam"
"The First Crossover Ballet, 1973"
"He dances the wind"

Steven Koenig, Brooklyn, NY
"Over the Border (Brooklyn Routes #1)"

Denise La Neve, Wayne, NJ

Thank You

Susanna Lee, Lafayette, NJ
"Amniotic Fluid"
"Glitz Eyes"
"Today We Have Only The Longing Breaking Our Hearts"
"Autumn Dawn"

Annmarie Lockhart, Englewood, NJ
"His Ballet Mistress Counts Him In"
"Kleber's Apples"

Vincent Marano, Bronx, NY
"Nutcracker Elegy"

David Messineo, Lafayette, NJ

"When Kleber Danced for Me"
"View from 'The Delta Lady'"
"What the Obituary Didn't Say"
"Swan Song"
"The Closing of Time"

Cheryl Moore, Neptune, NJ
"A View from the Navesink"

Paul Nash, Wayne, NJ
"Third Planet"

Morton D. Rich, Blairstown, NJ
"The Afternoon of a Kleber-Faun"

Susanna Rich, Blairstown, NJ

"Become the Dance: An Elegy for Rhoda"
"Grandmother's Dance"
"The Birth of Modern Dance: 1915" (sonnet)
"A Triolet Trio for Isadora"
"Kleber, Your Hair"

Brett Rutherford, Pittsburgh, PA

"An Awesome Plummeting"
"He Was Not There, He Is Not Here"

Lynn Veach Sadler, Burlington, NC
"Cartagena Dancer"
"'Painted Lady' Dancers of the Old West"
"World War II with 'All That Jazz' and 'Dancin'"

Joanne Santiglia, Clifton, NJ

"Dancing at 30"

Elizabeth Akin Stelling, Princeton, NJ
"Into the Unknown He Dances"
"Tree Huggers, Naturists"

John J. Trause, Wood-Ridge, NJ
"Funk Lessons for Life"|
Excerpt from "Quiet Spaces"

Dianalee Velie, Newbury, NH
"Dancing with Dante"

Galen Warden, Beaufort, SC

"Where You..."

 Jacqueline de Weever, Brooklyn, NY
"Swan Lake - Misty Copeland"
"'Revelations' - Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater"
"'Afternoon of a Faun' - Kleber"

Jason E. Ybarra, Harrisonburg, VA

Additional "blasts from the pasts" culled from a variety of past contributors, and other surprises, round out the thematic supplement.

Next Up:  Sensations Magazine Supplement 10, "Global Warming," coming Summer 2020.