About the Publisher

Publisher/Poetry Editor and Historian/Researcher, Sensations Magazine (1987 to present)
President, Gold Coast Performing Arts, Inc. (2001-2006)
President, The Six Centuries Club of America, Inc. (2007-2011)

David Messineo is among America's 35 longest-serving poetry editors and independent literary magazine publishers, verified through research published in February 2014.

David began his career as an Independent Publisher in July 1976 with The Little Falls Stamp Club Journal (1976-1979); as a Poetry Editor in December 1979 (via Images); and as an Independent Literary Magazine Publisher in September 1981 (as Founder, Publisher, and a Poetry Editor of Alternative Motifs in 1981-1983, and again for a Silver Anniversary Summary Issue in 2006).  He has published new issues of Sensations Magazine each year from 1987-2014, and plans to publish reprints of select past Sensations Magazine issues from 2015-2020.

His strong guiding hand and creative vision have led Sensations Magazine to be a rare three-consecutive year winner in the national American Literary Magazine Awards (1994-1996). This included First Place, Design in 1994; Honorable Mention - Editorial Content in 1995 (for the thematic "Hope Against Hate" issue); and First Place - Overall Quality, Tabloid Category in 1996 (for the sensational theme issue celebrating "The 100th Anniversary of Coney Island's Amusement Parks").

David's history research capabilities have earned him additional awards as well, starting with a 1994 Author Award from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (home of the New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame) for the Sensations Magazine "Rediscovering America in Poetry" research series, the first multicultural collection of American poetry covering the years 1565-1700, published serially in Sensations Magazine issues from 1990 to 1999.

In 2009, David was one of 26 individuals statewide to receive a New Jersey State Jefferson Award for Public Service, for his quarter-century of volunteer service to Sensations Magazine, his three years of service as President of The Six Centuries Club, and his many years of research and publishing, including in-depth examinations of American poetry and American history.  In 2011, he received the 2011 Dwyer Award for Journalism in New Jersey History, from the Advocates of New Jersey History, for his research efforts.

Along with handling all business functions - from fundraising to accounting to magazine editing, production, and printing - David has over 30 years' experience in marketing & public relations, and event planning & hosting, including poetry, music, and dance performances.  In fact, the "Sensations Magazine Creative Events Series" is now the third-longest ongoing poetry reading series in New Jersey and among the 25 longest continually operating poetry reading series in America.  Its full history of events since 1988 was documented in 366-page Sensations Magazine Issue 42, and a continuation of that history (covering the years 2007-2011) was published in the Summer 2011 Sensations Magazine Supplement No. 4, "The Six Centuries Club Supplement."  A history addendum, covering the years 2012-2014, will be published in Sensations Magazine "Ephemera," coming December 2014.

As a performance poet, David Messineo achieved something that many more prominent poets, from Walt Whitman to William Carlos Williams, did not:  sharing his poetry with audiences in 48 of the 50 states before turning 40, and readings in the last two (Nevada and Alaska) in 2013, at the age of 50.  David also has been a featured reader of his poetry on five continents thus far:  North America, South America (Brazil), Europe (London), Asia (Thailand), and Australia.  Africa is planned in October 2014, completing his personal lifetime goal of presenting feature readings of his work on six of the seven continents.

David is the author of eight published poetry collections: First Impressions, Suburban Gothic, A Taste of Italy, Restoration, A Taste of Brazil, Formal, The Search for the Sapphire Robe, and Historiopticon.  A ninth collection, Trailblazer, is planned between 2021 and 2022, marking his 50th anniversary of poetry writing.  Only Formal and Historiopticon are still available for purchase by the general public, while some copies of Suburban Gothic are for sale the Internet for over $100 per copy.  In American poetry, that is an achievement.

One of David's goals was to independently publish 50 Sensations Magazine issues across 25 years, with neither government grant funding nor university affiliation/funding.   He achieved this goal in April 2012.  The Sensations Magazine 25-Year Index and Appendices was completed in 2013 and published in early 2014. The publication's final document, Sensations Magazine "Ephemera" - and his 100th independently published document for a public audience - will be published by the end of 2014.

Between 1987 and 2014, Mr. Messineo will have published 62 separately bound literary documents: Sensations Magazine in 50 issues and 5 supplements (56 bound documents, including two-part Issue 49); 3 editions of "The Lafayette Township Heritage Research Series;" 1 Index; and 1 Ephemera.  The only other NJ-based literary magazine to release over 60 separately bound documents is Fairleigh Dickinson University's The Literary Review - which started publishing in 1957.

Yet, despite all these achievements, the one that makes him most proud is the successful raising and distribution of $9,000 to others in need, including $2,900 to New Jersey based food pantries in 2010-2012.  His personal lifetime goal is to raise $10,000 for various charities ("one man making a difference") - and he is close.

That spirit - being part of a community, and supporting others - is what Sensations Magazine is, and always has been, about.  He is grateful to those who were part of that community and that spirit, in full or in part, across the past 28 years.

In 2015, Sensations Magazine begins a process of doing reprints of a selection of past issues - some being made available again for the first time in 25 years.  This process will lead toward Sensations Magazine achieving its 30th anniversary in December, 2017, and publishing into the year 2020.

Mr. Messineo looks forward to being its guiding force into the next decade.