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Here is a very special gift. In the year 2000 I discovered a system of God for all humanity. The Druid path of light I had chosen a decade before the year 2000 had now fused my understanding in seeing all humanity as one vibrant face” of God and from that understanding came a “World Peace Emblem designed to symbolise and celebrate all the faces of God. In my home town I use my knowledge in assisting individuals with recovery” diets to repair their bodies during illness. I hope you are happy with the news I bring you and that you know there are growing numbers of people who know the SACRED WISH SYSTEM throughout the world. The Sacred Wish System can be seen as a Global Religion for it speaks to all Humanity and is set in all calenders forever into the future for Humanity to celebrate God forever on the Earth in Peace. Our belief can shape the world read on and see how you can shape the world with your faith and spiritual power, each of us has a divine spark of God within us the Holy flame the Voice of flames the Sacred Wish System helps us to realise this in every day we live.

Yours sincerely


Celtic Druids Wirral


The Sacred Wish System 

The New Millennium Begins Now


The Sacred Wish System (“Holy Prayer”) is a system of faith accessible to everyone, it fuses science, religion and magic, and can fit lunar calendars and solar calendars worldwide. It has been taught for free since the year 2000 and has been registered with British Home Office’s “Race Equality Unit” since 1stMay 2003 as a world faith.It is also known and respected by Buckingham Palace.The Sacred Wish System unifies all the world religions into one universal symbol connected to a calendric monthly system of belief bonding us to God and Nature.


This system is powered by the sun and the moon. Each 27 days of the wish system is modelled on the 27.32 days of the sidereal moon. There is 3 nines in every month, in the Druid belief they can be seen as three circles of Light and as time goes foward "Sunwise" these circles set in time turn clock wise releasing spherical healing energy from the light of God/The Sun. 

The “3” magical circles activated within each 27 days are generated by the sun’s “sun wise” - clockwise energy. There are 36 circles in each year, they are linked like a chain to the days at the end of each month - for all time.

Some suggested symbols for all those marked with the numbers one to nine (1-9) as birth numbers. Zero’s are omitted their value is nil, e.g. 360 = 3 + 6 + 0 = 3 + 6 = 9



Birth numbers:

 From birth each of us is marked with one of the nine divine numbers of God  we are all numbered segments in the circle of God each with a personality designed by our birth number which was designed by God who created us. Here is a brief list of birth dates and their traditional planetary symbols and personalities.God is the entire circle and Godliness can be achieved and perfected by those who choose to practice the monthly Sacred Wish System as we live our lives in one long everlasting connected prayer"Wish". Merely to understand this system is all it takes to activate it so this knowledge is carried in your heart radiating the white and golden fire of God within you and within me. the Sacred Wish System is a living symbol of God and can be practiced and known by All.

1) 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th One - Sun, Leader

2) 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th Two - moon Balancer

3) 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th Three - Jupiter, Energizer

4) 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st Four - Uranus, Genius

5) 5th, 14th, 23rd Five - Mercury, Decipher

6) 6th, 15th, 24th Six - Venus, Questioner

7) 7th ,16th, 25th Seven - Neptune, Scholarly

8) 8th, 17th, 26th Eight - Saturn, Wise

9) 9th, 18th, 27th Nine - Mars, Visionary


There are 4 “holy” days each month. They are the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th - they all turn into the number one when they are added together. Number one represents “the light of creation” like the eternal light of God within us all. The circle is the ultimate Emblem of God, and the circle unites all faiths.

From 12.00 am every day there starts a new day which is ruled by one of the nine divine numbers of creation. When I rise I pick from my sacred circle of the nine stones the stone marked with this days number, I kiss then place it in the centre, this symbolises my faith in all life.

The sacred wish system draws all people into the eternal circle, all those in the earthly realm, all ancestors who are also marked with number, and all our descendents yet to be. The wish system as an emblem is a “world peace symbol” and those who symbolise it go sun wise - the healing way “clockwise” - devised by ancient druids who observed the sun’s rise in the east to its setting in the West, thus, this “clockwise” motion was imitated here on the earth, circumberlating in circles, such as Maypole dancing blessed the land, crops and people. This is “our new millennium” where we can shape the world we all want by sharing one understanding. The power of the 9 circle was understood by Alchemists and was known as the number of solid matter. The sacred geometry of the nine is in the concept of the wish system, we are strong in the circle, unified in heart and spirit.

 The ancient Gaelic used the circle as a healing curative aid to good health by passing the sick through hoops nine times, known as the blessing of the round. All life forms are connected in our spherical universe, and for us the sacred wish system symbolises our connection to the architect of all life and the universe. Each day a baby born into the circle of life, into time, the sacred mechanism that governs each day, and each day is sacred.

How to Power the Light

The system is about putting yourself back on track and remaining there through you own effort. It reveals a purpose you can take part in, if you wish, which can improve your health and overall outlook of existence and the meaning of life. The idea of the inseparable unity of all things in the universe, one drawing strength from another and at the same time having to return it in a different form was the basis of our ancestors belief - “what goes around comes around” . This way of thinking is ‘clearly’ expressed in the sacred wish system, It makes us aware we are part of the universe, connected to god and we can bring about lasting positive influence into our own lives and the world around us, as in the natural work of our bodies where the motion of one organ influences another in operating perfectly in continuous ‘living’ motion is the foundation of all operation.

The sacred wish system shows us how we as individuals can become an active influence in the divine mechanism of life. Putting your life in a positive flow attracts positive energy to yourself, which helps through changes, illness or conditions. The sacred wish system is about bringing and attracting the ultimate positive and good to yourself. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (383-322BC) believed there is an endless source of psychic energy in the universe which must be renewed at the same time it is drawn upon - just like symbolising the sacred wish system, we honour God’s shining circle to bring about the healing circle (the nine numbers). The ancient Gaelic druids passed sick people through hoops nine times, called the blessing of the round. The sacred wish system is comparable to this blessing for it recognises three sets of nine (27) in each calendar month, which in ancient druid belief is seen as three circles because the nine can be seen as a circle, The number 1 in the circle has always been God’s number and is represented by the sun and number 1 is in all the nine numbers, therefore , the nine numbers can be as a ring of fire. Every calendar in the world has one or two days after the 27 days within each month which also contain the number 1, so each month is linked to the next like a chain -forever in each day exists the light so therefore the presence of God. The sacred wish system symbolises and celebrates this. Now, in Druidry going forward in time is called Sunwise, so healing and blessing ceremonies are always conducted ‘clockwise’ in motion to perpetuate healing and empowerment. The nine numbers that we are all marked with as birth numbers can factually be traced back thousands of years to Neolithic times, of which stone circles have been found all over the world such as India. China, Middle East Ireland, Africa Britain, Europe and North America. So, the sacred wish system has its foundations in the distant past of all races and can be seen as a gift from all our ancestors and the great power that made life, the power we come from and go back to. Order and constant renewal can be achieved by knowing and practising the circle.

The Light Meditation “Where Energy Makes Energy”

You and your mind are energy which is part of the intellect of the eternal God. A way of becoming one with God is picture a light within in moments of your choosing ‘tis like praying without words where we feel the love of God shining through us, because as we meditate on the light, God shines through us radiating peace all around our daily duties and chores. Within everyday there is the number 1 therefore each day is marked with the light in the calendar, always present and it is in moments of mediation we become one with God like a shining sphere connected to the never ending energy of God. To picture the light is to practice the light. Once you know you are personally connected to God a feeling of inner peace emanates from you, and you know by doing this mediation you become a vehicle for God’s love which heals and brings hope and happiness in others around you like a chain reaction.


                                                         My Pledge

Each day I draw upon the guidance of God,

and each day I renew my pledge to God as a

humble one carrying the light each day as thanks

for my life and my connection to you

infinite power that made me, saves me

that I symbolise thee, honour thee in all of my moments.



Your Henge

You can operate the sacred wish system by simply knowing it and having nine symbols or stones arranged in a small ‘foot’ wide circle or/and acquiring nine symbols for wearing each day to display our belief in life. The nine symbols of the Sacred Wish System represents all people all cultures and God therefore it is a very Holy belief and represents a gift from the Holy Spirit, to follow and practice it honours all life, each day and our thanks to God for our life and free will.


                                        The Secondz Meditation


The Secondz Meditation is a microscopic version of the larger macroscopic system, which entails the 3 monthly Sunwise circles of the sacred wish system. It is where we observe the seconds in time attached to the 9 healing numbers of the circle. This reveals an endless sequence of 1 to 9 circles, the central focus being your awareness of the Sunwise-healing energy brought about by following this meditation.

This being just one example consists of setting the 1 to 9 system to your walking steps, counting 1 to 9 on each step you take & rotating the 1 to 9 cycle each time. As we go forward (clockwise) in time this generates Sunwise-healing energy thereby resulting in enlightenment in the form of energy enhancement. Another alternative would be to attach the 9 healing numbers to the ticking of a clock or metronome.

Honouring the numbers in this way fills us with sunlight and continued use of this meditation system brings about peace and holiness as the circles healing energy grows inside us. The presence of God is felt during the meditation. The divine feminine and the divine masculine combined as one entity. Mastery and continued use of this mediation will achieve enlightenment on earth.


The Magical Average Month Calendar




The “World Peace Emblem” Aligned With the Nine sacred Numbers


The above arrangement shows nine of the world’s cultures. One culture under the gaze of God. This symbol is cosmopolitan and can be adjusted to accommodate all world culture stretching across the globe. The cultures pictured here are as follows.

1) Sikh - the Sikh Indian faith occupies number 1 for the Sikh have ten gurus which represent God to them so I simply added the 1 to the 0 which reduces back to 1.

2) Taoism - occupied by the yin-yang of the Chinese.

3) Egyptian (African) - symbolises the Egyptian trinity of Isis Osiris and Horus.

4) The four cardinal virtues of Christianity /the 4 compass points of The Red Indian Medicine Wheel

5) The five pillars of Islam

6) Judaism the 6 star of Judaism

7) The seven deva’s of Hinduism

8) The eightfold path of Buddhism

9) The circle of the Druid/Red Indian


The Sacred Wish System


The sacred wish system is a healing system of belief which brings about the divine presence of God’s healing power in every day. It is a living symbol of past, present and future and all humanity, past present and yet to be. Each of us are descended from ancestors stretching back through time to the beginning of humanity. The sacred wish system honours all humanity as one race existing in time together as one race. The system brings God’s

love directly to all of us who practice it, showing us the eternal power of that love, as it shines in everyone. Every single day a baby is born into life and time and every day of the year is someone’s birthday. Each of us comes from God into God’s designed Timed universe, into this life to experience human existence to then return back to God to join our ancestors, when we leave, die, back into the arms of God. The sacred wish system is designed by God in every day. A reminding message of God’s permanence and everlasting presence. The living symbol of God for all of our ancestors was the sun and as a number, the number one, the beginning number. Number one is the beginning and is followed by eight other numbers known by all of our ancestors as the nine divine numbers, the very numbers God used to create all life. We are all part of God’s design in the circle of life for each of us are living components in life’s design for we are all marked with one of the nine divine numbers, as birth numbers. Here in our world dotted upon the landscape we live at the same time as scattered lights of God. Placed here within creations perfect circular world, we are part of the humscape. There is no mistake that God left this knowledge in all of mankind’s holy books and cultures for they all have reverence to the nine numbers. The numerology used in the sacred wish system points to the fact that God’s number is always present because number one is in all the nine numbers, so everyday is marked with God’s presence. The sacred wish system shows God’s presence in each day, week. month and year. Each month has been shaped to capture the essence of God in this system by using simple numerological formula where the nine numbers of God, which are pictured as a circle, create three circles in each month. The first of each month to the ninth is the first circle, then using numerology where all compound numbers reduce to a single digit when added together, the tenth becomes one, for zero has no value, then the eighteenth 1 and 8 makes 9, another circle. Then the nineteenth becomes 1 when added together and the 27th- 2 + 7 make 9. Each month also has four corners which are universal holy days. They are four days of sun symbol (one). They are the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th. The nine numbers each have a personality which have been understood since ancient times in all cultures (listed below). For example, I am born on the 5th, so I am a five personality. I would also be a five personality if I were born on the 14th or 23rd, because when these compounds are added together they reduce to 5. The whole universe is spherical, that we rejoice in a belief based on the circle as we are part of the harmony of the perfect natural world about us.Every cell in the living world is spherical by design of the Creator the circular waves shaped by the circular wind the cells in our bodies linked to millions around them the very globe we live on and the Heavens above it was God who shaped all of this as we sense it in every living cell of our bodies.The Sacred Wish System helps our awarness grow that we are part of the entire World we see and feel.To maintain the growth of our spirits and physical bodies the Sacred Wish System is revieled to us to assist and aid us on our path. 


The Whole Universe Is Built On Numbers

All numbers reduce to the single digits 1 to 9 e.g. 365days of the year = 3 + 6 + 5 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5. Here is a list of birth dates and their personalities.

1 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th - 2 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th

3 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th - 4 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st

5 5th, 14th, 23rd - 6 6th, 15th, 24th - 7 7th ,16th, 25th

8 8th, 17th, 26th - 9 9th, 18th, 27th. All these dates when added together reduce to the single digits 1 to 9. Here are the personality alignments


Number Personality Planet

1 Pioneers, Inventive, ambitious, protective, leader, benevolent, designer Sun

2 Balancers, harmoniser, receptive, patriotic, emotive, equilibrium, dualist Moon

3 Intelligent, creative, adaptable, optimists, varied, truthful, expansive Jupiter

4 Organizer, genius, idealists, individualism, original, eccentric, earthed Uranus

5 Decipherer, theorizer, logical, communicative, assertive, chancers, athletic Mercury

6 Conscientious, loyal, sincere, loving, compassionate, sociable, perfectionists Venus

7 Scholarly, philosophical, mysterious, spiritual, sensitive, psychic, magical Neptune

8 Successful, business-like, homely, wise, practical, stable, complete Saturn

9 Visionaries, scientific, intuitive, steadfast, achievers, romantic, astute Mars

 There are many mysteries associated with the nine numbers which can be traced back to our far, far ancestors. For instance in the south-west of Britain there are various prehistoric stone circles know as the Nine Maiden’s which date back 2000 BC. In Greek mythology there were Nine Muses, there were nine Druidesses on the isle of Anglesey as there were nine Druidesses in Ireland who kept sacred fires lit every day of the year. The ancient Egyptians also worshipped three sets of nine Gods and Goddesses as one divine entity called the Ennead and when these 27 Sacred Symbols were laid out in a row they spelt the Egyption name for God-"Neter". There were nine orders of angels in medieval times and in Irish mythology there were nine kings who were consorts of the goddess Medb. The Vikings knew of the nine numbers and in the speech of the high one 1200AD. Odin the Viking God also known as the all father hung from the world ash tree for nine days and nine nights, and after completing it gained the knowledge of the ancient Runic alphabet. In magic the number nine represents the circle Alpha and Omega. One represents start and nine finish, the average human heartbeat is seventy-two beats per minute (7+9=2); a woman carries her child for nine months so therefore the number nine is seen as the number of creation. Number one to the ancients always represented God and the number nine represented the completion of this “spherical” universe. The number nine also governs divine laws such as What goes around comes around-- the sacred circle or magical ring. The ancient Celts were known to live in round houses and from archaeological digs near Stone Henge there has been found a golden breast-plate upon a buried chieftain dated 2000BC, with a diamond square with nine squared segments etched within it, which is like an Arabic magical nine square and the nine segments of a Hindu temple. the Ethiopian Bible has nine saints. in the Hebrew Bible it is stated that GOD walked the Earth nine times. The Viking Norse had a belief in nine worlds with our world "Earth" Known as Midgard in the center.The Holy Koran states that God " Allah" has 99 names =9+9=18=1+8=9. All these examples of the nine divine numbers show the presence of God for all Gods are one God in the circle just like we are all individual numbers"as birth numbers" in the circle and God is the full circle. God is the universal self and we are all individual selfs connected to the oneness of God. Joining to a belief that honours God in this form will bring God into our lives for all of us.


The Magic Of Numbers


1 The start of the universe from which all life springs - God. 2 Male and female balance and germination

3 Triangulation, twelve zodiac signs “1+2=3” the number of logic (the syllogism),the 3 grades of the Druid 4 The four elements, the four winds, the four compass points. 5 The fifth element the spirit the quintessence. 6 The number of time love and peace 24 runes, 24 hours in a day = 2+4=6 the six sides of a honey bees hexagonal honey comb.  7 A seven day week seven colours of the rainbow the seven ages of man notes on a musical scale 7 chakras "kundilini". 8 Universal balance four male and four female numbers the infinite eight. 9 The number and symbol of all life - the number that never breaks down the ETERNAL CIRCLE e.g. 9 + 9 = 18 3 x 9 = 27, 2 + 7 = 9, 4 x 9 = 36, 3 + 6 = 9


Positive Directed Mental Energy


This picture above centres on a power that can assist you in each living day. The picture could be called “the perpetuation of the light”, it is what keeps me “ticking” and my secret. Just imagine your own spiritual light burning or glowing, it’s easy, just picture a light in your mind and it’s there! The catch is what to do with the energy. Well, I found from day to day that the light within, either glowed or burnt, so when I was low it glowed and when I was high it shone. So to defeat alleviate and control “the lows” I worked on “imagining” the light at all times, like picturing it whilst walking along. The idea was that if I pictured it constantly it would build a power like a dynamo, and then this energy would be stored like a battery ready to use like a backup power on my low times. Now, this is where the magic really begins, because I realised as long as I kept picturing the light I has surplus amount of energy stored in my “being” to direct via “will” and visualisation to the part of my body where there was pain, now, the light does provide heat and soothing, yet I wanted my visualisation to go further, but the dilemma is that human beings can only concentrate at a maximum for ‘7’ minutes at a time, therefore, leaving gaps in concentration ability. So to keep the light energy balanced and burning constantly, I used other techniques to keep it going (and ever growing) in the back of my mind by making an ‘agreement’ of the highest morals. I noticed time goes forward so this is how I applied the “9” or circle to each day, so by symbolising the number of each day I was perpetuating the healing dynamo energy of the circle, this would become a fountain of energy created by carrying the ‘light ‘each day I live, in a symbol I wear or kiss. My reason is that the light is only good and is from the heart, which is love, and to symbolise it perpetuates that power-like the belief that good deeds in the Druid way  of thinking creates good luck .In each of the nine numbers exists the one number one-“the light”, so each day of the month of each year contains the “presence” of the” light”, and can be seen as a never ending line across all calendars into the future upon which we live and travel, like travelling on a rail. So, symbolising the numbers in each month perpetuates the positive rotational energy formed by the three “sun wise” circles identified in the concept of the sacred wish system. The dates the first, tenth, nineteenth and twenty-eight all exhibit the” light” so are honoured with a single burning candle, to symbolise a celebration of all humanity and intellect that created the living seed and energy that pulsates inside all that lives. The sacred wish system symbolises the preservation of life and our bond to God, time and nature; the light within us is like the light created at the start of the universe created by the “will” of God, just like the “will” inside all of us. To further the power of fire within, I devised an ultimate method of visualisation, that is, with the idea of transference. For instance, if I have a pain in my body, I direct the shining light to that part of my body with the “instruction” that whilst I do this pain is turned to light and love, evaporating from my body into the world for all that need it. In Gaelic mythology there is a character called “Finbarr Cuchulain”, who shone the “hero light” for power and from the Welsh we have “Taliesin”, whose name means bright brow-the light is ancient. All the world and life around has the light of life in it, and so do we, so, power it, know it, be part of it-always.

 A Diet for Individuals Recovering from Alcohol and Drug Addiction


Eating Your Way Back To Health”


This diet is designed to help any individual to overcome withdrawals and the side effects of coming off drugs and alcohol with ease.


The human body has a delicate balance (pH) of 80% alkaline and 20 % acidic. When we become addicted to a substance the acidity levels increase to toxic levels in our bodies, this can also happen when diet is bad. So the answer is to rebalance our body’s pH balance. This can easily be achieved by increasing our intake of alkaline foods which will also cleanse you internally and assist in detoxification. Here is a list of alkaline foods: fruit juices all fruits and vegetables (with the exception of bananas and pulses they are listed with the acidic foods), potatoes, leeks, onions, garlic, mushrooms, milk and water. The object of this diet is to outweigh acidic foods with more alkaline foods.


Water is an important part of any detoxification process; it helps with sweats and shivers. Boiled water left to cool is one of the best substances for cleansing internally, along with some fruit or fruit juice ; this is how your day should start. Adding small amounts of salt to your food each day will replace salt lost through sweating each day; like the three stages of the day (below) of daily intake, is a time to have carbohydrates again with some vegetables. Sweetcorn is another good source of roughage and keeping the flow in your toilet routine. Three or four pints of water and beverages will be sufficient to monitor your kidneys being flushed, achieving from brown to clear, about three ‘other’ visits to the toilet per day will be the eventual result of using this diet. Routine is a sign of a continued health.


Now here is a list of foods and substances which are seen as acidic: beer, tea coffee, chocolate, bread, meat, fish, pulses, eggs, bananas, sugar and plums. Very importantly ‘caffeine’ must seriously be avoided in this detox diet, use decaffeinated beverages instead. Caffeine is a drug which stimulates your nervous system ‘forcing’ your body to react. This in turn will burn up your energy source leaving you feeling weak. It is advised that ‘vegetable proteins’ are better for you than meat, eggs etc. because these are hard to digest, so again, will drain your body strength whilst being ‘slowly’ digested. It is useful to know that a protein supplement digest easier ( milk protein powder) available from a good chemist. Pasta and other wheat products are to be used sparingly as well. Wheat creates swelling in the abdomen in detoxing people. Read this diet over until you understand it, this is knowledge worth knowing and is for you to assist your own healing and rebuilding your body.

Like the vitamins mentioned, I suggest you acquire vitamin supplements for your daily diet each day. These are vitamin B complex, garlic capsules, a ginger supplement (this gently promotes perspiration). For the ‘growing pains associated with detoxification, I suggest you read ‘The Light Meditation’ and ‘Positive Directed Mental Energy’. Become master of your own health.


If You Feel The Affects Of Sleeplessness


You will find this diet can help with sleeplessness because it its centred on fresh fruit and vegetables, which, if eaten regularly as this diet says, will produce a mild sedative effect E.G. a bed of lettuce with 2 meals each day promote relaxation. This helps you in many ways such as staying calm relaxed and focused on the ‘now’. Use this diet and you will create balance peace and calm in yourself as you feed your body daily back to health. The extremes of emotion during first stage withdrawals are ‘caused by your body coming back to life’ whilst it detox’s itself; and yes laughter is a usual side effect as all your sense come back with a vengeance. It is ironic how your body triggers itself into action which creates a ‘high’ like no other making you feel better every day than you ever did. The reason for this is because you simply cannot get ‘higher’ than feeling healthy. This diet brings us through detoxification gently; It promotes bodily stability releasing us from addiction into an addiction free state where we rise beyond pleasure and pain into ‘being’. As your body is reborn, you are as well revealing the ‘true you’, the child within and, believe me, fun and laughter will emerge from yourself without mercy - ‘smile and the whole world smiles with you !’ Follow this diet on your road to recovery and you’ll know the natural flow of life, taste and smell the pure foods of mother earth as you live each day. The seasons of ‘nature’ are controlled perfectly and work magically by themselves, you are part of nature like your body is ‘as alive as the trees and grasses and creatures of the world’. Health also helps us become a part of the life force present in everything around us like joining a continuous energy that pulsates in all that lives. Follow nature’s way with this diet, be part of the miracle of life’s seasonal flow. You are a ‘being’ of earthly nature and have the right to be healthy and strong. One of the reasons why some ‘dependant’ people cannot deal with withdrawals and after is because during detox they experience discomfort not knowing how to deal with it. However, this can be overcome by using this diet and learned suggestions. For example, ‘Vitamin B Complex’ can be taken to ease your nerves, so, as with eating green leaved vegetables of some sort each day all contribute to remaining calm and in control of yourself. It is best to take all supplements in this diet with a main meal at evening time so the nutrients can disperse evenly throughout the night. This way of taking supplements make use of their medicinal properties and if this pattern of taking supplements is complied with your body will be enriched with nutrition helping you to deal and cope better day to day. It is a natural fact that your liver (located under your rib cage on the right side of your body) is your bodies filter and processor and often it is the injured part of former ‘drug and alcohol’ dependant individual, so it is advised strongly you avoid any food with oils and fats, for once eaten these foodstuffs will create pain in your liver. The object here in this diet is to gently repair your liver with increased intake of green vegetables and light small meals. Eat correctly according to this diet and eventually all the repair will be achieved so you can grow strong enough internally to eventually reintroduce small amounts of oil and fat to your daily eating plan, it is a good idea to be vegetarian for at least a year after addiction. It is healthier, so therefore better for you. All is repairable in time. To know the science of how to eat is essential in maintaining your recovery. Remember, all things fade away in time, like discomforts and aches, its like climbing a steep staircase knowing with each step you are getting to the top to complete recovery. ‘Addiction’ is a Latin word for enslavement. Your future is you own, choose wisely, stand firm and carry on at your own natural pace. The removal of addiction from your life sets you free and offer an abundance of choice. 

  Forever us  


Food Program Devised by the Celtic Druids Of The Wirral


It is based partly on the peasants’ charter of 1217AD. It shows clearly by the three main steps that our ancestors ate correctly and they stayed to a fixed pattern of eating which maintained their health. This daily eating plan is practiced by numerous people in the Wirral whom have observed an improvement in personal health, on all levels.


STEP 1 Morning Tide

This period of the day is usually between 6am to 12noon. Our ancestors ate honey and pure fruits in the morning for energy. White refined sugar in the modern diet is unlike honey in that ALL refined foods are ‘empty’, that is have little or no real nutritional value. The first point in this daily food program is to eliminate the use of white sugar - replace it with brown unrefined sugar or honey. The fruits suggested in this program all contain vitamin C. Starting the day with fruits or pure fruit juice drinks is very good for you. Her is a list of the suggested fruits available to you from good stores locally: PLUMS, PEACHES,NECTARINES, APPLES, PEARS, GRAPES, MELON, STRAWBERRIES, and if required OATS can be eaten after fruit. Rolled oats with cool boiled water or mineral water mixed in a bowl with a touch of honey doesn’t thicken when heated, therefore tastes better all round, and when eaten cold contains all the energy which is a good start to the day.


STEP 2 Noons Tide

This period of the day covers 12 noon and the afternoon. This period of the day is the time when we need carbohydrates which are fuel for the body. You can mix all the foods you eat which are carbohydrates with a mixture of vegetables “salad foods” for instance tomato and celery sandwich made with wholemeal bread. This is very good for you because wholemeal bread is unrefined wholegrain, like that eaten by our ancestors, not white bread which ought to be eliminated from your diet completely. It is refined therefore empty of all nutrition and it’s hard for your body to digest.

Here is a list of carbohydrates:

BROWN PASTA, RYE BREAD, BROWN RICE, WHOLEMEAL BREAD, VEGATABLE PASTIES, POTATOES (better with skin “jacket potato), CHIPS-all of these can be mixed with salad/vegetable foods with out eggs. Eggs like nuts, meats and cheese are all proteins and must never be mixed with carbohydrates.

STEP 3 Evenings Tide

This period of the day covers form about 6pm until 10pm and is the time to eat proteins. All proteins have to be eaten at this time of the day in this food program separately from carbohydrates. The two should never be mixed. So old meals like beans on toast are wrong as well as cheese sandwiches which again is a wrong mix - the way we are used to eating in modern society has been designed from the times of the industrial revolution from the 18th to the 20th century. So old combinations like potatoes and meat dinners are a bad mix and were designed to fill you up, proteins and carbohydrates don’t mix and like white sugar and white bread take more energy for your body to digest and process than they give you. Here is a list of protein foods which are always eaten separate from carbohydrates as they take the longest to digest so always best eaten at evening time when you are more relaxed. Proteins are the heaviest to digest so therefore can be digested during sleep. CHEESE, MEATS, NUTS, BEANS, FISH, EGGS. Again all of these foods to be mixed with vegetables/salad. This is a very nutritious dietary plan. It begins with fruit in the morning, detoxes the body and aids feeling cleansed and refreshed. The second step, covering the afternoon, is superb for your bodies’ refuelling of energy. Through the third and final step, your body gains strength and vitamins required for renewing the body’s’ resources and immune system. Antioxidant Vitamins are essentials in boosting your bodies immune system; acquire a VITIMAN E supplement from your local chemist etc. ZINC is the mineral which heals the body it would be advised to have a zinc supplement in your home at all times. Zinc. Also available at good local chemists, is noted for fighting and stopping flu’s and colds. These supplements should be taken on a one a day basis for the first month of this program. Milk and other diary products are to be used sparingly in this program. This is because milk products, as well as bread, create mucus in the body. Take time to take care of yourself. Stay well.

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Urban Druidry

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 Visual Wizardry


The Dream Texture project was exhibited in Liverpool 1989 and London 1990 on October 31st. All visuals are by Barry the Druid. Thanks to Neil Birchall of Birchskald studios.Thanks to Danny Munro for PC help and Lee Allan< Computer Genius>and   technical adviser to Celticdruidswirral- revale08@hotmail.com -All visual work can be viewed on YouTube/celticdruidswirral.














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