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 Welcome to Celtic Crossing!                                            

      am your host at this site, most who know me call me Sloan (old Celt for warrior) and I see no reason to change that since it fits with my site name. This site is obviously still under construction and I ask you to bare with me as it comes together!

    I am a Reiki Master Teacher, an intuitive, and jewelry maker, suffice it to say I am a Jack of many Trades!  I have been attuned to not only Usui Reiki but many other healing modalities that are just as wonderful. I also do card readings using ArchAngel, Angel, Faery, and a few other different type of oracle cards. These are just a few of the things that I would love to be able to share with others.

    I've put together this site as a place to help people find and learn more information on Reiki. I would like to offer Reiki  attunements at a reasonable rate, because as many know the rates that some Reiki Masters charge are outrageous and it really shouldn't be that way. Such a great thing as Reiki should be affordable to everyone.

    I will also be offering card readings and a chance to look at my jewelry that I have been selling on Etsy. All of my jewelry is one of a kind,  infused with reiki and I use only real gemstones in each piece. My spot of Esty is celticcrossing.etsy.com

Please feel free to check it out! I welcome customs orders! Be sure to check out my Facebook page as well to see the latest jewelry that I'm making. www.facebook.com/celticcrossing

Or even if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at : celticcrossing@ymail.com




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