Cell 1-5-3

Sometimes It Only Takes One to Start a War.


    2/5/07 - More updates on character bios! Click here to read more!

    2/5/07 - Chapter 4 is up! Check out the conspiracy here.

    1/30/07 -
Chapter 3 is up with improvements and editing. Read it here.

          Michael Radford


    Welcome to the world of Cell 1-5-3. His alias is Jonathan T. Lassik, and his job is more dangerous than most. He is a covert operative, employed by the Central Intelligence Agency's Clandestine Department. His task - to protect American lives through acts of forced entry, espionage, stealth, and even execution.
    You have entered his world. Now all you have to do is keep up.

       Michael Radord


"Nice site, you created a neat character..... You write older than your years. Much success in all endeavors."
Donald, http://www.freewebs.com/jazzmansplace

"That drawing on the top realy sets the mood for the rest of the site. The story was very nice to read too, I'll be coming back for sure to see more..."
Sam, http://www.writersunited.forumup.com

"Nice site- simple, yet effective. Your character is interesting- a flawed hero......Good luck with your writing!....."

John, http://www.jschembra.com

"I liked your site. Simplistic and easy to navigate. Your work looks interesting..... 1-10 a 9."

Joseph, http://www.id-laberynth.com

Forward to Reader - About the Site

    Cell 1-5-3 is a website designed to bring you, the reader, face to face with a world over 99.9% of Americans have never known. It is the world of the Covert operative, filled with fear - fear of pursuit, fear of action, fear of death itself - that I hope to bring to the table in the form of this online series.
    The site pic is all thanks to my brother, who happens to be quite the artist. He drew it freehand with a video game cover as a reference, and I think it fits the nature of this site perfectly.
    I genuinely hope that you will enjoy sharing the adventures of Jon Lassik as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Thank you for visiting, and come back soon.
       Michael Radford

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