Common Ground Homeschoolers

Common Ground Homeschoolers

Welcome to Common Ground Homeschoolers! 

 Common Ground Homeschoolers is an inclusive group of families seeking educational alternatives for our children. We follow no specific religious or political agenda, nor do we espouse any particular educational or homeschool philosophy. We welcome all independently learning families, and choose to honor our differences while building on our combined strengths. We offer park days, field trips, monthly teachers' nights out, co-ops, opportunities for presentations and other activities.

Our Goals:
-To encourage and support the sharing of resources, knowledge and experience, to the benefit of all
-To provide support and guidance to both beginning and veteran homeschooling families
-To empower homeschooling families to meet their educational goals, within a cohesive community

We are based in the South Denver area, and many of our activities will be in this area, but events are open to members from all over town.

***Please note: We are on a dues basis, the dues are $12/year. We offer a four week trial membership, so you can get a chance to see if this group is right for your family! Thanks!***

 If you are interested in joining our group, please go to our message boards and we'll get you started!

Common Ground Homeschool Message Boards

 If you have any difficulties registering, you can contact us at: commongroundhomeschoolers (at) gmail (dot) com