Common Ground Homeschoolers

Common Ground Homeschoolers

Common Grounds Homeschoolers Guidelines

Here at Common Ground Homeschoolers we try to keep out of everyone's business as much as possible, but there are a few ground rules we need to keep this a safe, enjoyable, productive place to be, and to help us keep our focus...

1) Please be respectful to others in all of your contacts with other Common Ground Homeschoolers members both on and off the list. In any group with such a diverse population there will no doubt be disagreements. Having passionate opinions on an issue is acceptable, but flaming, belittling, using ugly language or behavior is not. Please report any transgressions to a member of the board.

2) NO solicitation! This forum is a support group, not a marketplace. It is not appropriate to advertise your product in postings, or individually to members. However, we do appreciate the fact that many people have home businesses to help make ends meet. We have established a “Homeschool Advertising” page to help with this need. If you are interested in using this, please email Jen for information Also, you may add a short message in your signature if you choose, see #4.

3) Be on time for field trips. If the field trip starts at 10am, plan on being on site at 9:45, as the group will enter with or without you at 10am. Please make sure your children are presentable and well behaved. They don’t need to be angelic and dressed to the nines, just a fair representation of homeschoolers in general. These rules are in place to be sure that we are all properly respectful to each other and to the venue we are visiting.

4) Signature messages on any email lists or message boards run by Common Ground Homeschoolers are to be no more than 2-3 lines. What those two lines consist of are up to you; Bible verses, short notices that you sell a product, names and ages of your kids, your homeschool philosophy, etc are all ok, as long as they are 2-3 lines or less. This is a very busy board and long signatures make it more difficult to read, and more bulky and awkward.

5) Dues are $12 per year, nonrefundable and payable in advance.

6) Please keep your kids home from Common Ground Homeschoolers events if they are sick and contagious. This is just a common sense precaution, and we leave it up to you to decide if your kids are well enough to attend. We’re just trying to keep the crud from going round and round!

7) Because we have many families with food allergies and/or small children who may not always understand what’s in their best interests, at Park Day or any other “picnic”-type events, please be very aware of your own food. Please feel free to bring any foods that your family enjoys eating, but when you are not eating please close up containers to prevent any accidental contamination of another family’s food. When there are a lot of kids running around “grazing,” you’d be surprised at how far your food might travel! :-D Also, make sure that you secure the parent’s consent before sharing your family’s food with any other children.

8) I understand that group functions for Common Ground Homeschoolers are planned by both the Board of Directors, and members of the group. These include, but are not limited to; field trips, social events, and meetings. Participation in any given function is on a voluntary basis. By participating in any group sponsored function, I assume complete responsibility and liability for myself, my children, anyone accompanying me, and my personal property.

Any violation of these rules will result in loss of membership and forfeiture of dues.